Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mopping up Salt at the Lake

Today's travel is to remain very light, we have to get the bike to Bailey's for shipping back to Massachusetts. This was a clean up day for things we didn't get the first day in Salt Lake City.

Right down the street from our hotel was this place. I thought it was pretty neat.

Off to Timpanogos Cave National Monument on UT 92. We were here last year, so this was a pure stamp grab, but I really enjoy the road leading up to this place. If you have a chance ride UT 92 also knows as Alpine Loop Road. You won't be disappointed.

We headed for Bingham Canyon Mine. This is world's largest open pit excavation and can be seen from outer space it is so large. If my daughter moves out here, I will be sure to go back to this place in the car.

We got to the gate and they would not let us go to the top because we were on a motorcycle. They feared stuff would fall on us and they might get sued. This was a pretty big disappointment. We headed off to two HD dealerships to buy tall shot glasses to add to my collection. Our last stop of the day was here. We killed 2 birds with 1 stone. A water town and a HD shot glass.

We headed to Bailey's, dropped off the bike and headed for a relaxing day at the hotel.

No animals were hurt, killed or maimed in the making of this trip. Phew !! Now to deal with Irene on the way home.

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