Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going Going Gone to the Sun

Last year the main purpose of our trip was Glacier National Park. While we did make it, it was in a car versus the bike, since that forest rat decided to try to ruin our vacation. Today I awoke, but without the excitement that I had last year. I was no longer thinking I was Jack Nicholson in the Shining and I would be breaking down bathroom doors on MeAsWe. Plus last night we met some riding folks and one of them, Don, said if we did not get there first thing the traffic would be so bad it would ruin the ride. It was sprinkling out as well and a bit chilly. (all pictures are clickable and can be enlarged)

We had our breakfast and headed out about 8am, first stop was gas and then US89 North to Glacier National Park. The roads were ...

still straight, but at least there were some mountains to look at. Then off on the horizon these appeared

Yup those are the Rocky Mountains. As we got closer the road turned into sweepers and then twisties. That unexcited feeling earlier in the morning disappeared. I was about to fulfill a dream I have had since seeing that Modern Marvel series on building the Going to the Sun road.

From the very point of passing thru the east entrance in St Mary's the unbelievable, totally awesome, inspiring vistas begin. Words or our photos cannot describe, but I will post them up anyways. Oh the unbearable traffic, there was none.

The VC

One of the first vistas

We did get off the bike and walk to Sun Point.

Even thou there was no traffic I don't think I got the bike up to over 35. No need to speed thru the park, the Going to Sun road is only 50 miles or so.

After about 7 miles you begin the ascend to Logan Pass

There is road construction going on in Glacier, so occasionally you are stopped because the road only has one lane. There is plenty to look at when you are stopped.

Out back of the Logan Pass VC. Those that are in better shape wander out to where the snow is.

In front of the VC there were a couple of animals

We began our descent to the West Entrance.

Some snow

Shower anyone

The gorge river that empties into Lake McDonald on the west side

MeAsWe's new smokin friend, Good thing I am the only one that can pilot the FJR and have the keys.

The West entrance

No further words can describe the experience. All I can hope for is this little ride report inspires one person to Go to the Sun.

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