Friday, August 16, 2013

Peeps, Cars and Rides

The other night we headed over to Imperial's Annual Car Show.

Slide Show Here

DSC_0285 E
Roping in the Lil Guys

DSC_0282 E
Jugglin Life
Then there were some cars

DSC_0308_09_10TM V1 ESC

DSC_0321_2_3TM ESC

Folks having some fun
DSC_0367_8_9TM ES
Spin Me Like a Top
Conversation to be made and had

DSC_0387 ES
Lots of Peeps showed up
Some music

DSC_0397 E

More Cars

DSC_0256_7_8TM ESC

This car brings back some memories. I used to play around with TR3's in my earlier days. I still have some parts lying around in places for these cars.

DSC_0250_1_2TM ESC

Some very tall celebrities
DSC_0392 E

And finally some wise em guys

DSC_0254 E