Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GPS is Ready to Navigate

Today I visited the post office on the way to work. As I stooped down to view my box, I see that familiar yellow card.

Package in 209. Aimee delivers a box and it's from Garmin. My 2720 has been repaired and returned to me.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning 5am. Break out the GPS, plug it on and turn it on. Looks brand new, no scratches, new screen. Plug the USB cable in, bring up MapSource, switch to use inside, load all the routes for the trip out west.

Now for the big test. Bring up Day 1. The 2720 flashes "Do you want to simulate the route" I answer Yes. Zooms to Bailey's and that little arrow starts down the street.

The new GPS is ready to Rock N' Roll.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Go West Old Man Plan

Day 1 Thursday September 9th. 202 miles

Click any map and it will open a new window, which can be enlarged for better viewing.

This is the day we fly into Salt Lake City. We arrive around 1pm. Our plan is to get to Bailey's Moving and Storage by around 1:45pm, get the bike and be out of there by 2:30pm. First park will be Timpanogos Cave National Monument From here we will head for Vernal, UT to place us close to Dinosaur National Monument for visiting first thing in the morning. This day has to go off like a hitch for us to get to Timpanogos before closing, however if things go awry, we can always pick up this park on our way back.

Day 2 Friday Sept 10th 291 miles

We hit Dinosaur National Monument first thing in the morning. Since we don't have alot of miles to travel on this day, we have plenty of time to spend time at Dinosaur. Now I have heard it has been closed, but according to the web site there still are shuttle to the fossils and tracks. From there we head north to Wyoming thru Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area / Ashley National Forest and head to a HD shop for a shot glass. Of course this assumes we make it before closing. Final destination for the day is Kemmerer to visit the Golden Rule Store, the mother store for JC Penney, a National Landmark. We also hope to find a place to stay for the night.

Day 3 Saturday Sept 11 305 Miles

Another easy mileage day in the plans. We will drive thru Grand Teton National Park grab some INK at various visitor centers as we had into Yellowstone National Park. In the Tetons, we will grab 2 National Landmarks, Murie Ranch and Jackson Lake Lodge. I probably could not have planned this on a worse day, Saturday, but it is what it is. As we enter Yellowstone we will stop at Old Faithful and watch it gush, then off to West Yellowstone, MT to park for the night. I may put a stake in the ground and make reservations someplace this week.

Day 3 Loop Saturday Sept 11 187 Miles

After we get settled into our motel in Yellowstone, I plan to make another loop of Yellowstone. We may just find ourselves staying here another day, but the plan is head out Sunday. I really want to grab some of the National Landmarks in Yellowstone, such as Obsidian Cliff, Norris and Madison Museums, Fort Yellowstone and the North Entrance. This day will be where I have selected to much from the menu and bit off too much to swallow. I am sure we will find out the 11th. Plans have to remain flexible

Day 4 Sunday, Sept 12 513 miles

If all goes well on Saturday, we head out to ride the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway and Bear Tooth Highway. This is one of our big mile days, but it is really pure riding. Of course we have a couple of National Landmarks to grab, one of which is the Heart Mountain Relocation Center. We hope to hit Butte, MT, however we have a couple of bailing spots along the way.

Day 5 Monday, Sept 13 285 miles

This is a pure running day, with one place to visit at our final destination area, Glacier National Park. If we don't make the miles on Sunday, we will just make them up on this day. I could see taking off 100 miles on Sunday and adding them to this day. 400 mile day is a snap. Camp Disappointment is just out side Glacier NP and is the northern most campsite for Lewis and Clark on their return trip. Yes it is a National Landmark.


Day 6 Tuesday, Sept 14 384 miles

This is the SPOT of all SPOTS for this trip. The so-called bucket list item, Going to the Sun Road. Only 53 miles long, but one that I dreamed about 3 years ago. Dreams do come true. I hope it does not snow or rain. We also head for Spokane, WA as the night destination, first picking up an Elk and Eagle town for the AMA Call of the Wild treasure hunt. I have us going over National Forest Develop Rd # 9. I sure hope it does not turn out to be a disaster. I googled this road and it looked good. MeAsWe has relatives in Spokane and we will spend a day there.

Day 7 Wednesday, Sept 15 200 miles

This was not in our original plans, but since we are going to be in Spokane, an easy 200 miles loop to Fort Spokane and Grand Coulee Dam for INK is a no brainer. We could be done with that in the morning. Who could pass up the largest concrete structure in the US and biggest producer of electricity.

Day 8 Thursday, Sept 16 244 miles

Another easy day heading for Walla Walla to visit the Whitman Mission National Historic Site. Key to the IBA National Park tour is Nez Perce National Historical Park. This is where we get INK for Idaho, hence the little elbow shot as we head south out of Spokane This is one of those days to make up time and distance if we find ourselves in a crunch.

Day 9 Friday, Sept 17 334 miles

Today we head out of Walla Walla to the Bend - Redman Oregon area. On the way we will stop at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.. We will also stop at the Kam Wah Chung Company for some provisions.

Day 10 Saturday, Sept 18 218 miles

Another short day but I am sure we will be glad we did not plan alot of miles. While Glacier NP is the reason for this trip, Crater Lake National Park just might be the diamond in the ruff. I have heard this place is just awe inspiring. As soon as we burn our eyes out on the beauty its off to Tulelake, CA for the evening.

Day 11 Sunday, Sept 19 352 miles

We grab California INK by visiting Lava Beds National Monument and Lassen Volcanic National Park. The Tulelake Unit, which was another Japanese internment center during WWII, is open but not manned by rangers after Labor Day. Our sleeping destination for the evening is the Biggest Little City in the World. Hopefully we will get some sleep.

Day 12 Monday, Sept 20 355 miles

The Loneliest Road in America is the fare for the day. This is our turnaround point where we start heading east for our evening destination of Ely, NV. Couple things to see in Ely, such as Nevada Northern Railway Museum. Maybe a stay in the Hotel Nevada.

Day 13 Tuesday, Sept 21 350 miles

We will stop at Great Basin National Park to lockup Nevada for the NPT. From there we head off for Salt Lake City for the evening. We will grab a couple National Landmarks such as Topaz during our days ride.

Day 14 Wednesday, Sept 22 389 miles

Depending on how well we executed all the days above here, and the bike is not due into Bailey's for return to MA, we will head for the place where they joined the east to the west in the US, Golden Spike National Historic Site. If we are ambitious it will be off to City of Rocks National Reserve

Day 15 Thursday, Sept 23 125 miles

Today we are back in Salt Lake City in the morning. The bike will not be due into Bailey's until Friday, so we have plenty of time to tool around Salt Lake City grabbing up some National Landmarks. Of course if we get behind schedule, we essentially have 2 or 3 days of slack for contingencies. The trip adds up to 4733 miles, but I am sure it will be more. I will make wrong turns and of course when I see we are making great time, I just might select one of those WP's that are not on the route, that always seem to add at least 100 miles. We have a plan, but as I have learned this is suppose to be fun and not just about making the spots. Compared to the last 2 NPTs I have done this one is pretty simple. I am sooo looking forward to this trip. I bet MeAsWe will agree, this will be a real relaxing tour.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Teriffy Giff saves Garmins Gaff

Bill Gifford of Trinity Auto saves our trip out west. When my 2720 went the crinkle route, I pulled out my refurbed 2610. It has been 2 years since I used a 2610 and the interface is different. Actually in some ways it is better, but I have gotten used to the 2720 and it works.

I remembered Bill purchased a 2720 right around the same time I did. The prices had gotten very very cheap. So I called him to see if I could borrow his for the trip out west. Well yesterday, Bill called and said he has the 2720 and I could come pick it up.

Next thing to do was test the unit to make sure our maps were the same. So at 3am this morning, I created a short route from my house to Performance Cycle to go get the rear brakes I ordered. Made a back up of Bill's data by receiving routes and WP's in MapSource and saved the file. Sent the route I created to Bill's unit. Charged it up and the unit said, the maps are different do you want to re-calculate. I forgot I had set the map set in MapSource to the 2610 version. Reset it to the NT version, recalcuated the route, and resent. Reselected the route to test and it was running perfect.

Woo Hoo and thank you Giff, you da man.

White Rice on the Head

Decided riding home one night, it was time for new helmets. MeAsWe's is probably pushing 10 years (way over due) and mine is at least 3 with well over 60,000 miles. Off to International Motorsport to look at some new ones. Helmets are very much of an individual choice and choices there are. You can choose from Shoie, Aria, Nolan, HJC, Bell, and the list just goes on and on. My very first helmet was a Shoei purchased with my Honda CB900C. It was silver so that it could be seen. Well for a shower gift the helmet had a design painted on it and the person painted it blue. While I created the design it was never my intention to have it painted dark blue.

I can not see ordering a helmet on line without first going to a dealer and trying them on. Fit is oh so important. A good fitted helmet can not be turned from side to side. It should move the skin, but not tear it off when moved from side to side. Then one should grab from the back and try to roll it off your head. No point wearing it if it can come off. It will feel tight when you first get, but it does break in.

My biggest criteria for a helmet was color, I wanted us to get either white, yellow, or orange. Didn't need any fancy design that everyone else has. I did try on one of those carbon helmets but really could not tell the difference in the weight and I didn't want to drop an additional 200 to 300 dollars on one. Also at least for HJC they have something like 3 colors, coppertone, red and carbon black. None of these colors met my criteria for color.

We settled on HJC's IS-16. It got very good reviews at WebBikeWorld. One unique feature is it has a sliding darkened lens that comes down inside the main shield. MeAsWe is especially suspecible to the sun, and for me, I am hoping this comes in handy when we are driving directly into the sun light in either first or last sun of the day.

Of course we had to adorn the helmets with some personal touches. First was the NER reflective sticker and we both put our IBA stickers on.

The nifty built in sun glasses on the IS-16

MeAsWe trying on the drop down visor

Price you ask, I paid too much at International Motorsport, so no more salt in my wound, OK? Sigh. I guess I could say I was supporting my local economy, but I sure did put a dent in my pocket versus shopping at NewEnough.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Shot in the Dark - Farkle for Me

I do love that movie, however this shot in the dark was Dr Dahl taking a needle to both of my knees. First was the Lanocane, then drawing the fluid out of my knees (the right one had blood in it), and the last step was putting in Cortisone.

I decided before we go west, I would give this a shot (oh a pun to my double entendre). How was it in the dark. Well I closed my eyes when the Doc put the needle in, hence it was dark. I don't mind the insertion, but I don't like to see it. I guess it is unfounded fear, but it works for me. Once the needle was in I could open my eyes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Planning File - MapSource to Excel

Note: If you click on any of the Pictures, it will open a new window which will also enlargen the file and picture

The above was the end result. The MapSource data acquisition is as follows

Select a route you want to analyse

You will be highlighting, copying the Waypoints in MapSource and pasting to the excel spreadsheet

Switch over to the Excel spreadsheet and select the Via Point Data tab

Back to the MapSource file. You already have the Route Properties up, select the Directions tab

Now activate Excel and select the Garmin Data tab

You now have acquired all the data from MapSource and put it in Excel. Via Email I will send the rest of the instructions in a Demo Excel File. I will also include a blank Worksheet files for the model. Have fun and enjoy

From time to time I may enhance this file. Let me know if you would like future enhancements. I will do my best to describe what the enhancements are.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Trailering FJR Style - Salt Lake City Here I Come

Up at 5:30am to fine tune what was going to be loaded on the bike. Got the electronics in order and packed. Decided I can use a Memory Stick for all the files I will need for the Acer Laptop. One less bulky item to carry on the plane.

So the electronic box consists of:
Acer Laptop
Acer Wall Cord
Phone Charger
Spare GPS Adaptor
Wall plug for GPS
USB cable for the GPS
4X6 Index cards for National Park Stamps

Staple boxes contain registration, screw driver, cork screw, fuses, brake pads for the FJR with the rear ones on order, electrician tape, and other small stuff.

Decided to pack both MeAsWe's and my Frogg Toggs since the rain seemed to have let up. I was so wrong on this.

Mosey down to the bike, it's friggin pouring out. Seemed like it stopped based on looking out the window. Loaded the bike with all of the stuff including the Laminar Lip in the trunk, GPS Mount and Cramp Buster. Stuck with shipping my Froggs versus putting em on.

Off to Rainbow Moving in Franklin to drop the bike off. I was soaked by the time I got there, which didn't really bother me that much, was wearing my mesh gear, but it was a tad cold and glad it was only about 10 miles. MeAsWe followed me in the car.

Rainbow Matt inspected the bike, finding all the known knicks and scuffs. Notated them on the paper work and we signed off. With my camera in hand, I walked around the bike taking pictures of all the panels. I sure hope I don't need these photos for proof of anything.

What was comforting there were 4 or 5 bikes for other customers either coming or going. Either we all made the right decision or we are all idiots. Sept 9th the truth will be found out.

One of the bikes there was a silver C10 Connie, which put a smile on my face. It had bugs all over the front fairing. My kind of rider. Other bikes included a Road Star and a ST1300 and some others. As I stepped back I realized the FJR is one damn good looking bike compared to the others. Oh I need to thank Bill Gifford for making it look good. While it was at his place getting plugs and shoes, either he felt bad for the FJR or did not want to ghettoize his work establishment, he did a spiff and clean. What a great guy he is and the bike looks really good too.

With Stage 1 complete, it almost felt like the trip started today. In some ways it did. For those that are curious, shipping was arranged thru Federal along with the AMA, ya getta a discount if you are a member.

Addendum: After I got to work this morning I reviewed the paperwork Rainbow Movers gave me. I noticed they had me sign it, however they didn't sign it. At lunch I drove back to the place to have them sign. There was gentleman at the reception area asking questions about receiving a bike in. This guy, who I have dealt with multiple times now, was the one I needed to ask according to the receptionist. Now I know he saw her say to me "this is the guy you need to talk to". As soon as he was done with the other guy he turned away and started to go back to his office. I said whoa, I need some help and apparently you are the one. I showed him the paper and said you guys didn't sign it. He said I had to go around back and find this guy XXXX. I said, can't you sign it. He said, I am not the one that inspected it. My eyebrows must have risen and twitched (pretty good because I don't really have any) and he grabbed the paper and off he went. He came back with the paper signed. I said thank you and left wondering why he just didn't do that in the first place.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

FJR Farkle - Chuckin the Chock

For the last three years I have been carrying around stuff, such as an adjustable wrench, four sided screwdriver, registration, spare fuses and anything else that is tiny and will tend to roll around in a Chock Full of Nuts 100% Columbian Coffee can. The regular coffee just don't cut it, has to be Columbian

I was is Staples for a totally unrelated task, but I am always on the look out for things that just might work on, in or around (well hardly ever around) the bike. I am Chuckin the Chock, Steppin up to the Staple

Friday, August 20, 2010

Go West Old Man Go West - Prep Stage

The countdown begins. National Park Tour #3 Go West Old Man Go West, officially kicks off Monday, 8/23/10, however there is always the pre-preparation before the actual countdown.

We have come from watching how they built the Going to the Sun Road on the History Channel some 3 or 4 years ago, to hmming and hawing about doing a trip like this, researching and reading of what roads and places to visit, convincing yourself, I don't want to get to age 70 and say I should have, to plopping down the money (to make the decision irrevocable other than by death) for the plane tickets and what you are going to ride out there, rent or ship.

I remember booking the tickets sometime in May thinking this is so far off. The summer will be over by then. Well it is only 19 days to liftoff. Dang time flies when you get this age

This week the FJR went to Bill Gifford at Trinity for a change of tires and spark plugs. About 3 weeks ago and 4,500 miles ago I mounted Shinko Ravens as an experiment. They are a very reasonably priced (read cheap) alternate to Michelin Road Pilots 2 and I figured if I didn’t like em, they were going to be swapped out for the trip west. Well the Shinks have performed magnificently, so I ordered another set from BikeBandit and mounted them for the trip. I have saved the dismounted Shinks since I am convinced they have another 4,500 miles in them, but not quite the miles I may need for Tour #3. I asked Bill if he minded if I stored them there in case I need a tire out west and I could have him overnight one to me in case of Extreme need. CONTINGENCY Plan #1

Now the FJR requires valve checking every 26,000 versus the Connie every 6K. I thought this was a great benefit (but not a deciding factor on purchase) over the C10. Well if it isn’t one thing it’s another. The FJR requires (per the maintenance schedule) plugs every 8K. Go figa. So Bill put 4 new NGK CR8E plugs in. This is the second set since I obtained the FJR.

Tuesday I completed the documents necessary for the Iron Butt Association to begin the National Park Tour. The AMA is involved with the NPT and you are now required to fill out liability waivers for the AMA and IBA and pay 40.00 before you begin the tour. It used to be you sent in the money and your documents after you completed the tour. If for some reason you do not meet the qualification (25 states, 50 parks, 1 year) the 40.00 then becomes a donation to the IBA. Works for me, just one more thing to remember thou.

During our trip 1400+ mile pre-ride last week, the 2720 went into Wrinkle mode. This has been packed up and shipped off to Garmin for Refurbishing. Hopefully it will be back before we fly to Utah. Broke out the 2610 that I had refurbed earlier this year and used it to capture some NER bonii to reacquaint myself with the interface. For an old guy, it is amazing the crap you keep up in your head and can remember. Also had to check to see if the Acer had both mapsets installed for MapSource. The 2610 and 2720 take entirely different mapsets. Giff is also seeing if he can locate his 2720 to lend it to me for the trip. I'll call this CONTINGENCY Plan #2.

Today’s task was to call Mass Movers in Franklin, MA to confirm Monday’s delivery of the bike for shipping. Call Joanna (she is listed as my contact) and get a voice mail. Leave her a message. This is around 9am. No call back by 10:30, so I call again, Voice Mail again. Call the main number. Goes to voice mail. Tell my boss I am taking an early lunch and drive to Franklin to see what’s up. Just making sure the business didn’t fold up between making the plans in March and now, it could happen. Arrive at the place and it is busy. Walk into the office, looks very professional and my heart begins to calm down. Ring the bell because the sign says if you want something ring the bell. (it said something like that). Girl comes out, I tell her why I am here, she takes my paper and disappears. As I am waiting, I see a board with peoples names, dates and dots. Joanna's dot indicates out to day. That explains that.

Now I am standing around for 15 minutes or so and this guy shows up.

The Moving Guy: FRJ burgundy, not due here til Monday the 23rd, with this look on his face why are you bothering me.

Me: I know I was just making last minutes checks before I drop it off Monday.

The Moving Guy: You need identification and a Reg.

Me; What’s a Reg?

The Moving Guy: You get a paper on this?

I then pulled my paper out of his hand and

Me: Here it is.

He points to the Reg#. Now I know what a REG is and Bob Marley is not involved.

While I was there I asked any special instructions.

The Moving Guy: Come back Monday afternoon.

Me: I said I work Monday and was hoping I could drop it off in the morning.

The Moving Guy: What time?

Me: 8

The Moving Guy: OK the trucks should be out of the yard. The biket must be empty.

Me: I will be riding it here so it has to have some gas. This is not what I was told before. I was told just make sure it is not full.

The Moving Guy: Well make sure it is just reserve.

Why I said the next thing I have no idea, I should have just said ok. Reserve for most bikes is 1 to 2 gallons. I say it is fuel injected and it does not have reserve. Sigh I am such an idiot, so Monday I will say the gas is at the reserve level. I am sure he will forget by then or I will remind him what he told me

I left there satisfied I had a place to drop the bike off and reasonably certain that it will be loaded to a truck. This is ANGINA, ANTICIPATE PROBLEMS and SIGHOFRELIEF mode.

Ting Tang Whatta Whatta Bing Bang

Out treasure hunting and came across this little car gathering. I was immediately drawn to this 58 Impala 2 door coupe. I remember my brother having a friend that had a black one of these. Ahh the 50's bomb shelters, McCarthy, Eisenhower, the Cold War, a recession year as well, the song the Witch Doctor (ting tang whatta whatta bing bang), Have Gun Will Travel, and the cars were oh so kewl. (click any photo to enlarge)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freakin Floorboard Farkles for the FJR

Couple of weeks ago I was out grabbing some Tons and Burgs, Bird Towns and enjoying the southern portion of Massachusetts. I found myself in the town of Acushnet, where WynPro Industries is located. I came to find out about WynPro from the FJRForum, which is just choke full of great information dedicated to the FJR1300 Gen I & II bikes.

I had just grabbed this Robin Photo and gave Dave a call, the owner of the WynPro and asked him if I could drop by to pick up one of his kick stand pads. He said come on over. He did indicate his driveway was not paved and if I knew how to ride a dirt bike I should have no problems. I said if I didn't like the looks of the driveway I would just park at the end and walk up.

As I approached Dave's place I looked at the driveway, imagined hobbling up to his house with my bad knees, and simply stood up on the pegs and rode the distance. Hmmm maybe 900 feet or so.

Dave showed me the kick pad extender and I said I'll take it. He asked if I wanted to put it on now and said sure. Dave was gracious enough to mount his extender to the kickstand.

Dave asked me if I did alot of 2 up riding, which of course I said yes. Ya want a set of these rear floorboards. I hesitated all of 3 seconds and said sure. Ya want them installed, You bet. MeAsWe birthday was coming up and these could be a perfect gift. Yeah right.

Well I didn't get home until dark that night and told MeAsWe I had a surprise for her. The next morning we headed out to south western New Hampshire and north western Mass. MeAsWe professional opinion of these (she has well over 30,000 miles now riding pillion)is THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST. A simple platform has enabled her to sit on the FJR taking all of the pressure off her hips and enabling her to more naturally place her feet. She also commented the first time she mounted the bike with the floor boards, how much easier the mount was. She also indicated dismounting was much easier. She does alot of that when we are chasing stuff.

So Dave if you ever happen to read this, THANKS for the great Farkle.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sometimes Insurance Pays Off

2 Years ago I purchased a 2720 from GetFeetWet. This was to replace the 2610 I had, which I left on the bike overnight in Maine at the Birthday Bash. When I awoke the next morning there was a bubble in the screen, which I touched and BAM DELIMINATION of the TOP SKIN.

Fast forward to this weekend in New York. During Saturday riding and stomping Tons and Burgs, the 2720 was acting like someone had the remote and was messing with me. It would go into the mode, like someone had touched the screen to mark a WP. Couple of times it went into a recalibration mode. I stopped at a Auto Zone, bought some black electrician tape and taped over that red lens on the left side, figuring this where the remote signal gets read. I figured the sun was playing games with the GPS.

The unit was still acting up, so at the next TON is taped the little thing on the back. I still had satellite reception since the unit was acting normal other than someone having a remote.

The unit was still working, tracking the route as intended, just annoying screen changes. Well Saturday I once again left the unit on the bike over night. Arose to rain on Sunday and one look at the screen and it looked like what we were going to look like when we got home. SHRIVELED once again.

The unit worked fine thru out the day and we still managed to hit all of our TONS and BURGS for the day.

I phoned versus ordered on line with GetFeetWet and the sales guy talk me into getting the 4 year extended warranty on the device for 15.00 versus the normal 59. I am usually pretty hesitant to buy EW's but it was only 15.00

Dug out my papers this morning, placed a call to RepairTech in Iselin, NJ (which being from that state I had a sinking feeling this was gonna go nowhere). Floated thru umpteen levels of Hit 1 Hit 2 if you are calling for claims hit 505 on your speed dial. Hey not once was I asked if I wanted to hear this in another language. Provided the information to the person and they said Alan would be calling me back with instructions

Well I just got a call from Alan and the unit is going back to Garmin and I should expect its return in 7 to 10 days. Today is a good day to be INSURED.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Final Days of the Titanic - Day 3

The alarm went off at 5pm, and I reset it for 6. 1 hour later it went off again and this time I got up and let MeAsWe sleep a bit longer. I heard voices outside from the guests that were staying there. Opening the door I was presented with Mother Nature pissing all over the place. The NOAA indicated there was a 50/50 chance of precipitation, and I guess I would just have to chalk this one up and one that didn’t go my way.

We donned our rain suits and headed out for the final taking of the Tons and Burgs. In July I had mounted some Shinko Raven tires and was impressed by their dry condition handling. While I kept my speeds down (in a relative way), I have to say the Shinks gave me no ass pucker moments and did their job on the wet roads and we made ourselves east.

The GPS had been acting up since yesterday, and would switch into other modes, like someone had the remote control and was pressing buttons randomly. Today it would be not better, so I abandoned the pre-planned routes and just plugged in the next location and selected fastest route. Even with the fastest route selection we found ourselves confronted with unpaved roads up mountains in the rain.

We have been to the Grand Canyon of PA before and hence we have been thru Wellsboro, but never stopped at the Wellsboro Diner, so we did. For a place that looks so nice the food is nothing special. (As with almost all my photos you can click them to see a bigger version.)

Down the street for gas and ran into these fellows

In Binghamton we grabbed the post office and then headed off to the New York Inebriate Asylum, a National Landmark. Once we got there, I headed off to the front of the building to grab some photos and MeAsWe stayed behind. Completing the photo session, I turn back to the bike and see MeAsWe is talking to the police. As I approached, the officer let me know, it is forbidden to take photos. He stated he is suppose to make me delete the ones I have gotten, but he will trust me to delete them before I leave.He said he did not want to get out of his vehicle in the rain [*wink wink]. I nodded my head and said we will be leaving and apologized for my bad. Only a handful of TONS/BURGS to go

Traveling in the rain for the last 8 hours I decided we needed a break. We came across this place. It looked historical so we pulled in. It was the Lansing Manor in Mine Kill State Park in Blenheim NY. I figured it was on the National Register of Historic Places.

Our last official town was Preston Hollow.

I set the GPS to take us HOME the fastest way. 164 miles to go. We run thru the town of SURPRISE and then CLIMAX. It's 6pm, we are hungry, and I have passed a couple of perfectly good looking places to eat and finally said the next one I will stop. We stopped at the Quarry Steakhouse. MeAsWe had Veal Parm and I ordered the 16oz Delmonico steak. This had to be the best steak I have had in 10 years. It was cooked to medium perfection. While this wasn’t the end of the day, it was a very much needed break for both of us. Maybe the rain would stop.

Just uploading the photo makes me hungry again. We will take a ride back to the is place simply for the food, it was that good. Most people are probably not fans of brussels sprouts, but I like em and you can see they were serving em.

Dinner finished, we mounted up for the last leg of our journey. From the Quarry we took I-87 North and caught I-90 East and slabbed it home. GPS said we would arrive home at 9:30 or so. Somewhere around Charlton, the rain stopped and the moon was peaking out behind clouds. In three days we had captured 49 Tons and Burgs, saw some great country side / back roads, and have ended our AMA Titanic tour with hopefully enough places to place in the top 10.

The route du jour