Monday, October 24, 2011

Blowing In to Acadia

Not wanting to sit around again this weekend, we decided to head for Acadia National Park for a stamp. A stamp you say, well this stamp shores up the Northeast corner of the US for the National Park Tour Silver Certificate. While we have til August next year to grab this, better now than letting time get the better of us. After all it is only 300 miles away.

We didn't leave early, but we did get under way by 9am. First stop was Giff's garage to check the air in the tires. Good thing because it has been 3 weeks since we really rode the FJR. Both tires we in the 30's.

Our charted course takes us to Portand, ME via Slabs. Having made this trip a million times (a slight exaggeration) and sun time being limited, wanting to ride up the coast after the traffic congrested areas and grab some historic places, the slabs seemed like a logical choice.

Being still Foliage Season (mayber), we called a couple of motels in Ellsworth to see if what the general availability would be. Priceline was no help to us this time. The Ellsworth Hotel was full, but they are only 59 and if you mention you saw them on the web you got 20 off. We ended up making reservations at Jaspers, just in case places were full. As it turned out we would have been fine. Having to go from city to city at the end of the day is no fun and we almost got stuck once in this area. Something about a lesson learned.

The weather was suppose to be sunny, but for the most part on Saturday, it was cloudy.

One very very sad note. I got a call from one of my kids to tell me they were taking my brother in law, John, off his ventilator. John have been fighting various cancers and heart problems for the last 10 years or so. He was placed in the hospital about a week ago. It was indicated then that this was his last go around. I did not go to see him, because I choose to remember John for who he was from the last time I saw him sitting at his dining room table versus him lying in a bed with tubes and machines hooked up to him. Then came the call Saturday night and I knew what it was for before I even picked it up. John died around 930pm Saturday. While I am saddened by his departure, I am glad the pain he was suffering is gone now.

Back to the trip, I didnt even bother to take the camera out until we got off the Maine Turnpike in Brunswick for our first photo op. The US Custom House in Bath Maine was built in 1858.

In Wiscasset we grabbed a few more pics.

Little Red Schoolhouse

US Customhouse

Now this is a first for me. Red's Eats with no lines. Reds always has a line that stretches to almost the bridge. All for their lobster roll. I am glad I am not into lobster roll, so I have not had to wait in line at Red's. You will find this place in the book 1000 Places To See Before You Die.

This could be a new chase object for me. Fort Edgecomb is just over the bridge from downtown Wiscasset. As soon as you get over the bridge, hang a right. It was built in 1808 1809.

Got to have at least one water shot while traveling up the coast

In Waldoboro we grabbed the Town Pound, the Theater and the Custom House. These are all on the National Register of Historic Places.

Had some coffee at this Moody's. Now this is suppose to be a Maine icon. I had one of the worse breakfasts I have ever had here. Today, I bought one of their cups for my Diner Cup Collection and the person handling the register was about as good as that breakfast I had here 5 years ago.

We blew right thru Rockland ME. In Camden, we grabbed this fellow creating some inspiration for someone.

We didn't stop and get a pic of the squirrel with the nuts, but did flic the button for Floyd.

Crossing the bridges over to Bucksport. The bridge behind the Penobscot bridge is on the National Register, the Waldo Hancock Bridge. If you ever get a chance, take a ride up to the observatory and visit Fort Knox. The observatory is the tallest public bridge observatory in the world.

Sun dropping, temps dropping and just wanting to get to our night destination we put the cameras away, I fought my need to keep stopping at places and we arrived at Jaspers about 6pm. Just shy of 300 miles, but set up in a great spot to hit Acadia tomorrow.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

FastLane Gone Wild

Yesterday I checked my FastLane account to see how much they have taken away from my account. As I was looking over the bill I see that I got charged 30.00 while I was in Indiana.


I haven't been there this year. WTF !!. So now I am thinking Sky, my son, used my car and went to the midwest.I asked MeAsWe where were we on the 3rd. MeAsWe said the bike was in transit on that date.

It dawned on me, the FastLane hockey puck was in my tank bag, which was in the Givi truck, which was on the back of the bike, which was on a tractor trailer.

Each time the driver went thru a toll KACHING, give the governor another 50 cent piece.

I checked August's bill and the same thing. I called FastLane and I have to send them documentation that my bike was intransit to make an adjustment.

Why is the FastLane so effective buried so deep, but seems to only work every other time when it is in the wide open.