Sunday, October 9, 2011

FastLane Gone Wild

Yesterday I checked my FastLane account to see how much they have taken away from my account. As I was looking over the bill I see that I got charged 30.00 while I was in Indiana.


I haven't been there this year. WTF !!. So now I am thinking Sky, my son, used my car and went to the midwest.I asked MeAsWe where were we on the 3rd. MeAsWe said the bike was in transit on that date.

It dawned on me, the FastLane hockey puck was in my tank bag, which was in the Givi truck, which was on the back of the bike, which was on a tractor trailer.

Each time the driver went thru a toll KACHING, give the governor another 50 cent piece.

I checked August's bill and the same thing. I called FastLane and I have to send them documentation that my bike was intransit to make an adjustment.

Why is the FastLane so effective buried so deep, but seems to only work every other time when it is in the wide open.

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Runner said...

Oh, man! Ouch!! Who'd have thought it would read, as you say, buried so deep inside a truck? Hope you can get it worked out.