Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011 Calendar

Each year we put together a calendar of the best photos taken during our journeys. All pictures can be clicked, which will open a new window and enlarge them.

The Cover
Taken at the west entrance to Glacier National Park. This was the ultimate destination of our western trip, the Going-to-the-Sun road. Unfortunately we were taken out by a forest rat in Clyde Park, hence we did not arrive here via the FJR. However, it is a new year, with a new FJR and we just might do this trip all over again.


This picture was taken on UT92, the Alpine Loop Scenic Highway in Utah on the way to Tipanogos Cave National Monument. If you find yourself in Utah, just outside Salt Lake City, you owe it to yourself to ride this road.


Taken at Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado. There are two parts to Dinosaur, this one is known as the Canyon area. This is an absolutely spectacular ride on the park service road, especially for a couple of east coasters on their first western trip.


Also taken on the same road in Dinosaur National Monument. I liked this picture because it shows the vastness of the area and the ever changing landscape. This picture is only a couple miles from the February picture, but looks like it is in a totally different area of the country


Taken in Dinosaur National Monument just about at the end of the park service road.

Taken on US191 heading into the Flaming Gorge area in Utah. Fast traveling roads and one has to watch out for performance certificates. Slow down and enjoy the scenery.

On UT44 in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

Taken just after entering the south entrance to Yellowstone National Park. My guess it is around Lewis Lake. We liked this picture because of shades of blue and serenity of the scene. It was taken on the fly.

Taken in Norfolk CT at the public library. We were out with friends Alan and Jan for the day. This is one of the few pictures we have of the 2007 FJR where it is relatively clean. I really should have inserted this in the October slot.

Rt 22 in Austerlitz, New York. Just one of road side stops because it was interesting. We were running tons and burgs this weekend.

A field somewhere between Boston, NY and Cattaraugus, NY chasing tons and burgs. I stopped because of the symmetry of the bales in the field. It was like aliens came down and put these here.

Right outside of the Visitor Center at Timpanogos Cave National Monument in Utah

This is not far from the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park. I love riding at night because of the trees and mountains against the backdrop of full moons and deep blue skies.