Saturday, January 28, 2012

Having Liberty at the Elms

At Christmas my kids got me a HD TV. I have been hmmming AND hawing about getting one. I figured I would wait until the Sanyo I got 10 plus years ago to give out before dumping cash on such a frivolous purchase. Well T (my daughter) decided for me, making the decision on how fast a refresh rate, which 1080 this and that and whether I needed to get a new amp with 5, 4 or 2 channels. With this gift it became necessary on upgrading to cable HD. By upgrading I lowered my monthly cost by getting more services than I need, namely a phone. I just know I didn't ask all the right questions and there is a catch some place that will show up on the bill. I don't have a contract (supposedly) and can change at my hearts whim. With that the cable box is a DVR and can record shows. I didn't think this would be a useful feature until one night I recorded a bunch of DDD's (Diners, Dives and Drive- Ins).

I promise this is all connected somehow.

One night I simply could not fall asleep and got up and decided to watch what I had recorded via the DVR. I came across the Liberty Elm Diner in Providence RI. I couldn't believe I have numerous books on diners, have done extensive research all over New England and have visited well over 100 diners over the past 7 years and this one I had never heard of. On P16 in Randy Garbin's book Diners of New England is a paragraph on the La Criolla Restaurant, which is notated as CLOSED. I checked my MapSource Master Diner file and low and behold it is marked as a waypoint.

Today being absolutely beautiful out in NE winter terms, I decided we should go pay a visit to Liberty Elm Diner. On our way down I pulled one of my treasure hunt actions in the middle of RT95 South to get a picture of this guy.

I have been meaning to grab this guy for years, plus it will fulfill a requirement for another waypoint category, surely something to risk your life for. Back into the flow of the traffic to Exit 17.

My recollection this place looked alot less for wear on DDD than in person. This place is a Worcester Lunch Car diner. Alot of the porcelain covered siding has taken a beating and rusting out. Kind of like an abandon car in some urban area. Randy Garbin notes in his book this place is "oft-changed diner in another struggling neighborhood sits on Elmwood Street, the city's oldest gateway boulevard to and from the south"

While I was outside taking pictures, I watched this Camry pull in and make this crunching sound. As the driver got out of the car I said it sounds like you just ran over some really bad. She walked around her car and said to me, "do you own this white car, because I just hit it" I answered "No it is not mine". What a way to ruin a breakfast for someone.

Inside the place had a well patronized look like all these diners do. We sat out back in a built on addition. You could tell the place had South American theme in its past. The room was painted with alot of bright colors on the walls, however I think this was in keeping with the current owners tastes. I did not take pictures of the back room.

Well I finally settled into the reason for coming here the food. Prominently displayed on a chalk board was the featured food on DDD, the Guy Turkey Sandwich. I asked our waiter what he recommended and immediately this was the one. I asked what did the locals eat and he leaned toward the Monte Cristo sandwich with egg. So that what I ordered. MeAsWe had the much healthier omelet with tomatoes and bacon. The menu has a wide range of items and not all of them are the typical breakfast and lunch fare.

The food.

The food was good, even better than average, but doesn't come close to touching the Crunchy French Toast of the Miss Worcester. I have a feeling I should have gone for the Turkey Sandwich. Each meal comes with one of those little umbrellas. It appears there is some kind of ritual you are suppose to do with them, but I failed to ask because it did not dawn on me until I began this writing. I did take a picture

Around the side and back the building has been painted with more than just a roller and brush.

Other objects takes me back to the hippie days of my youth. Just had the 'je ne sais quoi' air about them.

All in all not a bad way to spend a couple of hours in a New England winter. Heres the DDD segment and what Randy Garbins book look like. Oh I also found out this was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Calendar

At least this year we finished the 2012 calendar for Jan 1. Usually it is into the first couple of weeks when winter really sets in and it gives me something to do. All of the photos are from our trip out west in 2011. All of the pictures are clickable for viewing and enlarging in a new window.

Mount Ranier - Washington

Mount Rainer has to be the single most impressive and spectacular object I have seen on our journeys. This place is a must see.

Mount Shasta - California

This picture was taken from Lower Klamath Lake Rd. Since Mt Shasta is relatively isolated and is prominent due to its height, I have surmised it to be Mt Shasta. It seems we rode all around this area and never quite made it to the actual mountain.

Multinomah Falls - Historic Columbia River Highway - Oregon

This picture should be in portrait mode, however that does not do well for making calendars. This is only a small segment of the falls to show the bridge and falls as a backdrop.

Crown Point Vista House - Historic Columbia River Highway - Oregon

The Columbia River Highway is a great ride, with many views of the Columbia River. This picture was taken from Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint.

Mount St Helens - Washington

The ride to Mt St Helens is worth the trip. This is taken from the Johnson Observatory at the end of Hwy 504. The movie is spectacular, as well as the many personal stories about the eruption in 1980

Norris Geyser Basin - Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

This was our second trip to Yellowstone and we stopped here because the Norris Museum was a National Historic Landmark. This pool that sits right out back of the Norris Museum looks like a giant hot tub. It is appropiately named the Bathtub Spring

Shoshone Falls - Twin Falls Idaho

We were looking for the marker for Evil Knievel's jump across the Snake River and never found it. We were told the marker was on private property. Just outside of Twin Falls, where we had briefly stopped for a picture, a guy pulled up asking if we knew where the Falls were. Not finding the marker we side tracked to see the falls. Well worth it.

Jupiter - Golden Spike National Historic Site - Utah

This was suppose to be one of those grab and run stamp locations and we ended up spending something like 3 hours here. Who can resist up close encounters with old steam engines.

Hotel Nevada - Ely Nevada

One of the places we stayed on our trip. A nights stay is only $35 and you are warned about the varying temperatures when taking a shower. This place has character and well worth a stay for the experience. Parked outside is a long string of HD's with my FJR feeling very loney on the right.

Going to the Sun Road - Glacier National Park - Montana

In 2010 the whole purpose of our trip was to ride the Going to the Sun road. This year we got to the ride from end to end on the bike. The views are spectacular and this should be on everyone's list.

The Loneliest Road in America - US 50 - Nevada

Not only the loneliest but wind is a factor too. I do not remember any cars that passed us coming the other way for the whole trip.

Craters of the Moon - Idaho

I just liked this picture because the yellow line and the slight bump of a curve. Taken on the loop road at Craters of the Moon in Idaho.

The Cover
Hwy 341 - Road into Virgina City NV