Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Grant Titanic Tour

One berg brought down 46,000 tons.

The Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club sponsored many rallies this year, one of which we participated in. Essentially you sought out towns that end in Ton or Burg, Berg, Bergh or Burgh, grabbed the city limit sign or the post office with you camera, insuring a substantial portion of your bike and rally flag are included in the picture. Repeat as many times as you wanted. Your entry was due into headquarters by 9/15/2010.

This treasure hunt started on 4/14, however we did not find out this treasure hunt until June and did not get our rally flag until 6/19. We grabbed our last town on 8/15 and sent our DVD around 9/1. We submitted 263 towns of which 261 were accepted. We ended our tour early in preparation for our Iron Butt National Park Tour as the FJR was shipped on 8/23.

Our Flag

One of our stops

We came in third. The first place winner submitted 600 towns and 2nd place 302. I could go through a bunch of if's but I doubt we could have topped the 1st place winner. Congrats to places 1 and 2.

The results can be found CLICKY HERE

More info on the tour can be found at the AMA site and at the GLMC site