Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toy Trucks Go Criminal

We were out hunting NER tags and National Landmarks today. We had grabbed the Connecticut tag and needed a place to send people for the next tag. Google had Ida Tarbell's House on Poverty Hollow Rd in Easton. Well Ida's place is way off from where it really is located, however we came across this extremely remote location on Stepney Rd.

Joey Smithers was the first victim of Ebenezer Aiken. Then Patrick Hannon was next, followed by Casey O'Reilley, then Donald, Steven, Clarence, Larry, Jacqueline (tomboy), Evan, AJ, Skyler, Brian, Tony, Ray, George, Charles, Peter, Nathan and list goes on and on.

Each one of these boys and the one girl, gave their trucks and now reside in the back yard. The Tonka earth movers, bull dozer, and backhoe is hidden from view, covered by camouflaged tarps.

Jason, Penelope, Jennifer, Derek and Dr. Reid have been dispatched from Quantico and are flying in on their Gulfstream G650 to investigate. Stay tuned to your sets.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fool's Gold

One of the words this month was Fool's for the treasure hunt. There is not an abundant amount of locations with that name. Matter of fact I only found 2. One was in Salem which we got a couple of weeks ago and one in Kent, CT. I took the day off, since this was going to be a nice day and with no big journeys planned in May, a day off for riding seemed like a good plan.

Todays ride was chock full of landmarks, theme tags, state tags, Harley dealers and 3 planned places for the treasure hunt. It would cover state roads, interstates and some very small back country roads. Weather wise it was clear and just about perfect temperature wise. Crisp enough in the morning they both MeAsWe and I donned our rainsuit jackets. We use the rainsuits more for an additional layer than for inclement weather.

Kent, CT was our turn around point and we arrived at Kent State Park right around 6 pm, which is around 3 hours behind schedule. The next stop was Fool's Day Farm. As we made our way from Kent Falls I kept looking up at the sky watching the sun dropping toward the horizon, wondering if we were going to make it to the farm before the sun disappeared. I figured as long as we hit the place by 7:30 we were in good shape.

Traveling down Camps Rd on our final approach to the farm, I started to have my doubts we were in the right location. I had that sinking feeling I placed the mark wrong in MapSource. I also had a feeling this road was going to turn to something other than pavement. Just as I started to say to MeAsWe I think I may have......and the sign appeared, it's 7pm.

MeAsWe dismounts and for this one I do too. I pull the rally flag, get it positioned and snap off a picture. Out of the corner of my eye I see 2 gentlemen approaching us from 2 different locations. As it turns out they were father and son. Of course a conversation started up and they asked what we were doing. We explained the treasure hunt, and the son thought that was just really kewl. They told us they did notice another couple taking pictures as well.

Our conversation continued and I asked about the name of the farm and how it came to be. The son explained that his father and mother purchased the farm about 25 years ago in a very dilapidated state. All of his parents friends thought they were out of their minds and foolish to purchase such a run down place. Apparently they coincidentally closed on the purchase on April 1st.

During the ensuing years the mother came home from a fair with 2 calves. The story goes that her grandmother had some cows and she always liked those days way back when, so she bought two for herself. Neither the father nor the mother ever had any intentions to start a diary farm, however those 2 calves were the beginning of dream that really was never dreamt.

With 2 calves comes cows and they provide milk and on April 1 they delivered their first tanker of milk to market. The son then named the farm Fool's Day Farm for all the foolishness that had gone into the farm and business.

While this story is kinda of neat by itself, what was really special was the instant camaraderie that was established between the four of us. It is these moments that makes riding all that more enjoyable.

And that's the way it is, April 23rd, 2010.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Going Green at Hannaford's in Uxbridge MA

One of the words for the 2010 NER Treasure Hunt this month is Earth Day.

Everyday I go to the Hannaford's in Uxbridge to buy my food for the day. I hardly ever forward buy my meals, since I don't have a clue what I will feel like eating that day. This has made me quite familar with Hannaford's.

In the produce section, Hannaford's must have sponsored kids drawing on their paper bags (recylable and they will break down vs plastic)pictures of items that depicted Earth Day. I am going to guess the kids were in grade 4 to 6. Hannaford's lined up the bags over the produce section (Go Green) to display to all the customers.

After traveling for 17 days in MA, CT, RI and NH looking for a sign or some object that depicts Earth Day, I was not going to let this opportunity pass. Standing at the self check out purchasing my Complete Multi Senior Vitamin Supplements and totaling screwing up the check out process, which required assistance, the opportunity presented itself.

The front end manager commented on my jacket with some small talk questioning my sanity about riding today with it being so chilly out. It was then I explained my dilemma about the hunt and earth day and pointing out that they had just the key to my problem. I asked, "Would you guys being willing to let me use an employee to hold one of the Earth Day bags by my bike while I take a picture". She said, "Do you have a camera with you" Thought bubble while silly girl,of course I have my camera with me, which I then responded "Yes, I do".

Long story short (in case I am losing you at this point)

Hannaford is a Customer Friendly Place. Go Hannafords and Thank You !!