Sunday, April 18, 2010

Going Green at Hannaford's in Uxbridge MA

One of the words for the 2010 NER Treasure Hunt this month is Earth Day.

Everyday I go to the Hannaford's in Uxbridge to buy my food for the day. I hardly ever forward buy my meals, since I don't have a clue what I will feel like eating that day. This has made me quite familar with Hannaford's.

In the produce section, Hannaford's must have sponsored kids drawing on their paper bags (recylable and they will break down vs plastic)pictures of items that depicted Earth Day. I am going to guess the kids were in grade 4 to 6. Hannaford's lined up the bags over the produce section (Go Green) to display to all the customers.

After traveling for 17 days in MA, CT, RI and NH looking for a sign or some object that depicts Earth Day, I was not going to let this opportunity pass. Standing at the self check out purchasing my Complete Multi Senior Vitamin Supplements and totaling screwing up the check out process, which required assistance, the opportunity presented itself.

The front end manager commented on my jacket with some small talk questioning my sanity about riding today with it being so chilly out. It was then I explained my dilemma about the hunt and earth day and pointing out that they had just the key to my problem. I asked, "Would you guys being willing to let me use an employee to hold one of the Earth Day bags by my bike while I take a picture". She said, "Do you have a camera with you" Thought bubble while silly girl,of course I have my camera with me, which I then responded "Yes, I do".

Long story short (in case I am losing you at this point)

Hannaford is a Customer Friendly Place. Go Hannafords and Thank You !!

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