Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toy Trucks Go Criminal

We were out hunting NER tags and National Landmarks today. We had grabbed the Connecticut tag and needed a place to send people for the next tag. Google had Ida Tarbell's House on Poverty Hollow Rd in Easton. Well Ida's place is way off from where it really is located, however we came across this extremely remote location on Stepney Rd.

Joey Smithers was the first victim of Ebenezer Aiken. Then Patrick Hannon was next, followed by Casey O'Reilley, then Donald, Steven, Clarence, Larry, Jacqueline (tomboy), Evan, AJ, Skyler, Brian, Tony, Ray, George, Charles, Peter, Nathan and list goes on and on.

Each one of these boys and the one girl, gave their trucks and now reside in the back yard. The Tonka earth movers, bull dozer, and backhoe is hidden from view, covered by camouflaged tarps.

Jason, Penelope, Jennifer, Derek and Dr. Reid have been dispatched from Quantico and are flying in on their Gulfstream G650 to investigate. Stay tuned to your sets.

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