Sunday, May 9, 2010

Miss Woo's Crunchy Toast

Today we headed out for some treasure, mainly seeking a circus or two. Plans were to head into New Hampshire. Before we left I had to go pick up the FJR over at Giff's because we had installed a new farkle (another post) at around 7:30AM. As I headed for the car I noticed the temp was a brisk 41 and I was thinking we just might not make it to NH

Back from Giff's, we finished off a pot of coffee and got ready to head out. I told MeAsWe dress warm and wear your winter jacket. I didn't really tell MeAsWe about the temp, didn't want to put a chill on the day. Out on 146 we found not only did it feel like a late October day, but as NOAA said it was going to be breezy. That was a bit of an understatement. I pretty much resigned myself NH was probably out of the pic.

We decided to go out for breakfast (maybe it will warm up and breeze down). I had stopped at the Miss Worcester Diner a couple years ago, right after it re-opened. The Miss Worcester was built right across the street and is a wonderful example of the Worcester Lunch Car diner, built in 1948 as #812. It is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

I had probably the best french toast I have ever had, called Cruncy Toast. Our waitress recommended it and she was spot on. Crunchy toast is deep fried french toast with almonds and other nuts. If you can find your way to 300 Southbridge St in Worcester ( N42 15.229 W71 48.404 ) you won't be disappointed.

Our waitress, I believe, is the daughter of the owner, who IIRC is also a motorcycle enthusiast. She is one of the hardest working wait person I have ever seen. She never stopped, always on the run, didn't miss a beat and always smiled at you.

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Kate said...

Now my stomach is growling! I love crunchy French Toast. Have not had it in years!