Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to the Future 200 Million Years Back

Today we stomped thru Connecticut with a couple of main objectives. The primary one was the TSI Harley dealerships in Ellington and Columbia for the tour card stamps. Couple other objectives were 3 National Landmarks in the Portland and Middletown areas. To aid in routing the bike thru Connecticut, we have begun using state parks as WP’s.

One of the state park waypoints was Dinosaur. I had no clue what this place had to offer but we have hit places like Lover’s Leap, so the name should not be taken too literally. A call to TSI Columbia to find out what time they closed, revealed they had closed 20 minutes ago. With that off the agenda, no time constraints (destinations with closing times), we decided to go see what was up with this place.

In 1966, the state was preparing the location for a building and sent excavation equipment to start leveling the site. The operator hit some ledge which he dug his shovel into it and pulled off a layer. Ledge in this area is stratified and layers lift off easily. He looked down, jumped off his bulldozer and called in some state officials, who halted the razing of the area. They called in some other experts. To the surprise of many they found perfectly preserved animal tracks that dated back to the dinosaur era. Yup scores upon scores of dinosaur tracks were found

The antiquities and archaeological experts unearthed some more of the site. The state built a geodesic dome over the site and now one can see this amazing place. It is one of the largest dinosaur track sites in North America. Additional reading here

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