Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On a Mission for Expedition

In May one of the NER Treasure Hunt words was EXPEDITION. I waited until the very end of the month and sandbagged my 2 difficult words. The other word was VOLCANO. As it turned out Expedition was not that hard. There are plenty of statues around New England commemorating the China Relief Expedition. ( I really need to look that one up ). I also did not use the pictures below, in case the Rally Bastard disqualified these photos for some reason only he would know. The story is worth telling. (Remember it is my blog)

Location: N41 43.134 W71 15.835 Harding and Fairview Ave Warren RI

Name of Business: Video Expedition

Story Line: I rode to Warren with great expectations of expeditions to be had. Arrived at the location sans MeAsWe. I found myself in a Hood with no signs. A quick call to MeAsWe, WTF is this place. Got the number, called em, got voice mail. A guy comes of his house and I say Is this Video Expedition. Of course the answer was No. What address you looking for, he said. Found out I was in the wrong spot. Something about Ave and Terrance. Drove around the corner. Saw a guy mowing his lawn. Stop, shut the bike down.

ME: Is this Video Expedition?
VEG: Yes it is.
ME: Do you have a sign?
VEG: No it is a business that is on a pute and we work inside the house.
ME: Got a Business Card ?
VEG: Of course !!
ME: Can I get a picture of you and your card ?

Me is me of course and not MeAsWe and VEG is Video Expedition Guy (I actually have his card someplace at home and should really see what his name was)

And that is how it was on May 2nd Two Thousand Ten.

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