Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Disorder is This ?

I recently mailed off 2 letters with applications and checks to participate in some AMA Grand Tour Treasure Hunts. The Call of the Wild has 9 animals, like Elk, Eagle, Deer, etc that you must find, ride to, take a picture of a sign, town hall, police station or some other mean of identifying and representing the town that contains the words in the name of the town. For instance, DEERfield, MA works. We have to November to submit 30 photos to the RB, which will then assign points via a random drawing of cards, Ace thru Jack to declare the winner. The other one is The Grand Titanic Tour. Here one will ride, photograph with your bike, rally flag a Post Office or Welcome to sign for towns that end with TON or BURG. One must have at least one burg in the first 25 photos. So WesTON works but Westonia does not.

I also ordered and received the Blue Goose Passport book for capturing National Wildlife Refuge System stamps very much like the National Park Passport program. We received this on Monday.

Of course we are still participating in the NER 2010 Treasure Hunt. We finished in first place in May and have the overall lead for the season.

In September, we head to Utah, to capture INK at Dinosaur, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and a bunch more to begin my 3rd NPT and MeAsWe 2nd tour and this one will be a Silver certificate hopefully.

Last but not least is Massachusetts State Passport which list 75 places to get MASSINK. We are well underway with this program as well.

Oh I forgot to mention We are still pursuing Towns and Cities, NRHP, Clocks, Neon, Post Offices, Dunkin Donuts, Compass Roses, Sundials, Dated Buildings, and trying to fill in all 1900+ categories. I doubt we will get to Czech Geodetic Points this year.

I did consider entering the Minuteman 1000 again this year, but this one got away from me.

So what do you think, OCD. Can’t be it doesn’t produce anxiety, it is a release. ADD, can’t be. This chasing requires attention, organization, and procrastination is a No No , which are anti-symptoms of ADD. Conduct Disorder, there is some similarities, such as pattern of repetitive behavior wherein the rights of others or social norms are violated. However this can’t be because there is no cruel conduct toward people or animals, no destructive behavior, etc etc. Borderline Personality Disorder, doesn’t fit the ticket (trust me on this one). Acute Distress Disorder, nothing terrifying about doing all of this.

After careful self - analysis, I have come to the conclusion it is just plain FUN.

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Richard said...

Don't rationalize. It's sick. That doesn't mean it can't be fun too. But it's sick. :)
Have fun,