Saturday, June 19, 2010

Titanic - The Beginnings

It’s Saturday and I am plotting Burgs and Tons in MapSource, contemplating where we might travel to today. The post office doesn’t open until 7:30, but the mail doesn’t get put out until around 9:30. During the plotting I have been eliminated from 2 poker tournaments. MeAsWe is peacefully sleeping in the other room. 8:30 comes around I figure I would walk over to the post office and take a break. I bend down (my PO Box is on the lowest level), spin the combination and open the little door.

Starring me in the face is that little yellow card indicating there is a package behind the counter because it won’t fit in the box. IT’S THE TITANIC rally rag. Number 459. I run (well a fast pace walk), burst into the bedroom and start sweeping MeAsWe face with the flag, saying look what came, look what came. MeAsWe opens a dazed eye, wondering if all this commotion is Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddie is up to his terrorizing tactics again. Becoming more alert because of the incessant sweeping of this rag across her face, she realizes it is just Me (Freddie might have been a welcomed visitor).

I said, Guess where we are going today. Get up have your coffee and cigarettes cause we are On the Road Again. At 10:30 we depart N Uxbridge and Head Out on the Highway. The highway part is the Mass Pike just to get out to Westfield. From there it is all backroads to our destination for the night, my home town, some 375 miles of traveling and dinner at Pal’s Cabin for a Redwood.

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