Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jerry Garcia is Alive and Well in Vermont

We are really behind schedule. According to the world of Garmin, we still have 130 miles to go and will arrive in Colebrook , NH around 11:30pm. As the crow flies Colebrook from Newport, VT is 52 miles, but when you are chasin stuff you end up zigzagging your way to a final destination. After all there is a ton of TONs and BURGs in between. Made 2 phone calls to local hotels. One is 98 and the other is 54. You get what you pay for. We drove past the Pepin Motel and from the road it looked fine. I get the nod of approval from MeAsWe (and this will probably be the last time for that) and we head in.

Let me say from the check in process, I had this sinking feeling that I had made a mistake. I get the key and proceed to Room 8. I let MeAsWe open the door just in case there was wild varmits inside. So gallant.

The room looked like the kind you see in the movies where someone who just got out of prison or drug rehab and were spending the first night in the free world. Not that is was dirty or anything, but it certainly wasn’t posh. Good thing MeAsWe has a sense of adventure.

Well how does Jerry Garcia fit into this. When we pulled up, I noticed a gentleman sitting on the stoop out in front of his room. After we got settled and I went across the street for a 6 pack of Rolling Rock, we got to know this guy. After a couple of beers I leaned over and said to MeAsWe, that Jerry Garcia actually was alive and retired to the Pepin Motel to get away from the hubbub of music world and constant touring and living right here.

Jerry has changed his name to Rick and we settled into a night of conversation with him. Lenny (another guest of the Pepin Motel), a retired Air Force and Vt Sheriff joined in our conversation. He told us some hilarious stories about being a LEO up here, especially some of the concerts he was assigned to. Around 11 pm, we were told by management that we would have to quiet down, because some of the other guests were complaining.

All in all, despite the room, the experience was a plus in the scheme of things, with Rick and Lenny making our stay bearable. OH Phish had their last concert in Coventry VT, which is only 5 miles away. A coincidence?? Perhaps.

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Richard said...

You've got a great partner there to share your passion with.
While I was reading your last entry, it occurred to me that one of the most rewarding things about motorcycling is that there's seldom a downside experience. Crappy motel? Nice people. Rain? Wonderful hospitality. Cold? Someone there who will warm your heart with offered kindness and shelter. There's something about riding a motorcycle that brings out something special, not only in we who ride, but most of the people with whom we come in contact. Keep riding my friend and keep bringing out the best in others just by showing up on a bike.
All the best