Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taking 5 for BBQ

One final year end wrap up item. Smoke Chasing 2012 just announced the results for all of us fools running around the country taking pictures of BBQ joints. Over the last 2 years there have 500+ entrants to this Grand Tour. This year there were 50 riders that completed the minimum joint runs. Out of the 50 only 7 of us completed the Dave Morrow 15 /15/ 15 challenge. This challenge was traveling to 15 states in 15 days to 15 joints. Kansas was a mandatory state in this challenge.

We scored the 5th highest points in this tour. Click HERE to see the joints we visited.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The People Downstairs

We recently moved out of a 3rd floor apartment into a small house. Of course my son, Sky,came with us and even brought his girlfriend with him. While we were living at the 3 decker, the people on the second floor would send their 10 year daughter upstairs to tell (not ask btw) us to turn down the TV. Me being kinda of heard of hearing tends to listen to the TV a tad louder than most folks. Matter of fact they once called the Uxbridge Police to pay us a visit to turn the TV down.

We were watching a movie last night, The Strat Pack. MeAsWe said my phone was ringing. Who the heck is calling at 10pm. Get up, get the phone and see Sky called us. I called him back and he says can we turn the TV  down, he is trying to get some sleep.

My son has turned into the people downstairs. We just might have to move again.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sweet 16

One of the New England Rider forums poster asked the question, "What constitutes a ride ? Does riding to Dunkin Donuts 6 miles away really a ride ? "

I don't know the answer to the question, however I did make a reference to going out simply to grab a TAG, which is not a whole lot different than riding to DD. For most, riding to DD makes more sense than going to get a sign with a 16 on it. For me the Sweet 16 is much better than an over rated DD coffee.

Paper, Rags and Swag

Some tidying up for the season.

Tour of Honor Certificate

10th place for me and 11th for MeAsWe in GLMC Grand Tour. There were a total of 118 participants. This thing is getting more and more competitive each year.

Some swag from the GLMC Tour