Thursday, December 6, 2012

The People Downstairs

We recently moved out of a 3rd floor apartment into a small house. Of course my son, Sky,came with us and even brought his girlfriend with him. While we were living at the 3 decker, the people on the second floor would send their 10 year daughter upstairs to tell (not ask btw) us to turn down the TV. Me being kinda of heard of hearing tends to listen to the TV a tad louder than most folks. Matter of fact they once called the Uxbridge Police to pay us a visit to turn the TV down.

We were watching a movie last night, The Strat Pack. MeAsWe said my phone was ringing. Who the heck is calling at 10pm. Get up, get the phone and see Sky called us. I called him back and he says can we turn the TV  down, he is trying to get some sleep.

My son has turned into the people downstairs. We just might have to move again.

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Runner said...

Congratulations on the move. But I gotta say that your son calling from the same house is beyond funny! Maybe some of those wireless headsets for TV?