Monday, May 10, 2010

Freakin Farkles for the FJR - The LIP

I am always comparing the FJR to the Connie. Hands down the FJR is faster, more powerful than a speeding bullet, able to wheelie in a simple twist of the write and will probably accumulate more performance certificates.

One area the Connie out shines the FJR is wind protection especially in front of the helmet around the face. I like to ride with my shield up, even thou it is probably more advisable to have it shut. Additionally on the Connie there is no helmet buffeting. Buffeting is caused by the swirling air around you and you get this feeling that someone is outside of your helmet, gently slapping you around. It is more noticeable at times; however I had come to accept this buffeting as part of the journey. All in all, the Connie stock windshield is simply superior to the FJR.

I frequent the FJR Forum to learn about this new bike of mine. Many of the threads are how to improve on Yamaha engineering. The FJR is also one of the bikes of choice for the IBR, so there is a wealth of farkling knowledge to be found on the internet.

I came across one post about a small piece of plastic that attaches to your windshield called the Laminar Lip. This is a piece of plastic that attaches to your windshield with those fasteners one uses to attach an Easy Pass to your car windshield. The solution is relatively cheap (as compared to ordering a whole new windshield) and installs easily with 2 people, one to hold the device on the bike while one marks on the other side of the existing shield where the little 3M buttons will go.

I installed mine over a Giff’s with his assistance (well maybe I was the assistant) and the recommendation is you let the buttons set up for 24 hours after precisely applying 20#’s of pressure for 1 minute. I don’t have a clue what 20#’s of pressure is and Bill let me handle that part of the installation as well.

Sunday was breezy so I have not fully tested the LIP, however first impression is I have the Connie windshield on the FJR. Actually now the FJR windshield is more effective, since it is adjustable. The buffeting is gone from the helmet, and I can ride with my shield up without any wind in the eyes. MeAsWe has also noticed a difference, especially if I move the windshield up and down.

Recommendation: Get one you won’t be disappointed. Cost, just under a HUNDO with shipping, YMMV. Where to order

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