Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a Natural

Bridge, located in North Adams off Rt 8, which is a nice place to ride. We happened to this place for pure INK, the Massachusetts State Park Passport book and what a gem of a place to visit. Most of the places are just a place to swim and very scenic so a grab and run is perfectly acceptable. Here we actually walked. As with most of my posts you can click any picture, which will open a new browser window to enlarge.

A pic of us racing to the location

Actually I don't have clue where this pic was taken other than it is the right day. MeAsWe was the trigger.

The sign that told we were in the right location

We were after this little box where the INK is kept under combo and wire

MeAsWe says I am going to see the bridge. I had to hobble up to this place and put our $2.00 down. Very worthwhile payment to Patrick.

I headed for the bridge. Now according to Wikipedia this is the largest naturally formed marble bridge in North America. Just to think it is right in our backyard.

The dam, it's made of marble

A look into the deep cutouts by the water flow many many moons ago

The bridge over troubled water. The picture doesn't really do it justice, but hey its the only one I got

I lied the other side of the bridge

Killer stairs. They have created a little maze of places that take you down into the rock formations. I actually was lost trying to figure out how to get out.

Entrance road leading up to the park, which is a nice ride too

You can read about this place here, much better than me trying to tell you the facts. CLICK HERE MeAsWe said: "Words alone can not describe, it is a place you gotta see."

Last pic. Me hobbling my way out of the rocks. YMMV

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