Monday, August 30, 2010

The Go West Old Man Plan

Day 1 Thursday September 9th. 202 miles

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This is the day we fly into Salt Lake City. We arrive around 1pm. Our plan is to get to Bailey's Moving and Storage by around 1:45pm, get the bike and be out of there by 2:30pm. First park will be Timpanogos Cave National Monument From here we will head for Vernal, UT to place us close to Dinosaur National Monument for visiting first thing in the morning. This day has to go off like a hitch for us to get to Timpanogos before closing, however if things go awry, we can always pick up this park on our way back.

Day 2 Friday Sept 10th 291 miles

We hit Dinosaur National Monument first thing in the morning. Since we don't have alot of miles to travel on this day, we have plenty of time to spend time at Dinosaur. Now I have heard it has been closed, but according to the web site there still are shuttle to the fossils and tracks. From there we head north to Wyoming thru Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area / Ashley National Forest and head to a HD shop for a shot glass. Of course this assumes we make it before closing. Final destination for the day is Kemmerer to visit the Golden Rule Store, the mother store for JC Penney, a National Landmark. We also hope to find a place to stay for the night.

Day 3 Saturday Sept 11 305 Miles

Another easy mileage day in the plans. We will drive thru Grand Teton National Park grab some INK at various visitor centers as we had into Yellowstone National Park. In the Tetons, we will grab 2 National Landmarks, Murie Ranch and Jackson Lake Lodge. I probably could not have planned this on a worse day, Saturday, but it is what it is. As we enter Yellowstone we will stop at Old Faithful and watch it gush, then off to West Yellowstone, MT to park for the night. I may put a stake in the ground and make reservations someplace this week.

Day 3 Loop Saturday Sept 11 187 Miles

After we get settled into our motel in Yellowstone, I plan to make another loop of Yellowstone. We may just find ourselves staying here another day, but the plan is head out Sunday. I really want to grab some of the National Landmarks in Yellowstone, such as Obsidian Cliff, Norris and Madison Museums, Fort Yellowstone and the North Entrance. This day will be where I have selected to much from the menu and bit off too much to swallow. I am sure we will find out the 11th. Plans have to remain flexible

Day 4 Sunday, Sept 12 513 miles

If all goes well on Saturday, we head out to ride the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway and Bear Tooth Highway. This is one of our big mile days, but it is really pure riding. Of course we have a couple of National Landmarks to grab, one of which is the Heart Mountain Relocation Center. We hope to hit Butte, MT, however we have a couple of bailing spots along the way.

Day 5 Monday, Sept 13 285 miles

This is a pure running day, with one place to visit at our final destination area, Glacier National Park. If we don't make the miles on Sunday, we will just make them up on this day. I could see taking off 100 miles on Sunday and adding them to this day. 400 mile day is a snap. Camp Disappointment is just out side Glacier NP and is the northern most campsite for Lewis and Clark on their return trip. Yes it is a National Landmark.


Day 6 Tuesday, Sept 14 384 miles

This is the SPOT of all SPOTS for this trip. The so-called bucket list item, Going to the Sun Road. Only 53 miles long, but one that I dreamed about 3 years ago. Dreams do come true. I hope it does not snow or rain. We also head for Spokane, WA as the night destination, first picking up an Elk and Eagle town for the AMA Call of the Wild treasure hunt. I have us going over National Forest Develop Rd # 9. I sure hope it does not turn out to be a disaster. I googled this road and it looked good. MeAsWe has relatives in Spokane and we will spend a day there.

Day 7 Wednesday, Sept 15 200 miles

This was not in our original plans, but since we are going to be in Spokane, an easy 200 miles loop to Fort Spokane and Grand Coulee Dam for INK is a no brainer. We could be done with that in the morning. Who could pass up the largest concrete structure in the US and biggest producer of electricity.

Day 8 Thursday, Sept 16 244 miles

Another easy day heading for Walla Walla to visit the Whitman Mission National Historic Site. Key to the IBA National Park tour is Nez Perce National Historical Park. This is where we get INK for Idaho, hence the little elbow shot as we head south out of Spokane This is one of those days to make up time and distance if we find ourselves in a crunch.

Day 9 Friday, Sept 17 334 miles

Today we head out of Walla Walla to the Bend - Redman Oregon area. On the way we will stop at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.. We will also stop at the Kam Wah Chung Company for some provisions.

Day 10 Saturday, Sept 18 218 miles

Another short day but I am sure we will be glad we did not plan alot of miles. While Glacier NP is the reason for this trip, Crater Lake National Park just might be the diamond in the ruff. I have heard this place is just awe inspiring. As soon as we burn our eyes out on the beauty its off to Tulelake, CA for the evening.

Day 11 Sunday, Sept 19 352 miles

We grab California INK by visiting Lava Beds National Monument and Lassen Volcanic National Park. The Tulelake Unit, which was another Japanese internment center during WWII, is open but not manned by rangers after Labor Day. Our sleeping destination for the evening is the Biggest Little City in the World. Hopefully we will get some sleep.

Day 12 Monday, Sept 20 355 miles

The Loneliest Road in America is the fare for the day. This is our turnaround point where we start heading east for our evening destination of Ely, NV. Couple things to see in Ely, such as Nevada Northern Railway Museum. Maybe a stay in the Hotel Nevada.

Day 13 Tuesday, Sept 21 350 miles

We will stop at Great Basin National Park to lockup Nevada for the NPT. From there we head off for Salt Lake City for the evening. We will grab a couple National Landmarks such as Topaz during our days ride.

Day 14 Wednesday, Sept 22 389 miles

Depending on how well we executed all the days above here, and the bike is not due into Bailey's for return to MA, we will head for the place where they joined the east to the west in the US, Golden Spike National Historic Site. If we are ambitious it will be off to City of Rocks National Reserve

Day 15 Thursday, Sept 23 125 miles

Today we are back in Salt Lake City in the morning. The bike will not be due into Bailey's until Friday, so we have plenty of time to tool around Salt Lake City grabbing up some National Landmarks. Of course if we get behind schedule, we essentially have 2 or 3 days of slack for contingencies. The trip adds up to 4733 miles, but I am sure it will be more. I will make wrong turns and of course when I see we are making great time, I just might select one of those WP's that are not on the route, that always seem to add at least 100 miles. We have a plan, but as I have learned this is suppose to be fun and not just about making the spots. Compared to the last 2 NPTs I have done this one is pretty simple. I am sooo looking forward to this trip. I bet MeAsWe will agree, this will be a real relaxing tour.

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I hope you'll be posting as you go along. Have a great time and be safe. I'll be following along every day.
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