Friday, August 13, 2010

Final Days of the Titanic - Day 1

This weeks adventure took us on a loop out to Stockton, NY (almost to PA), south to Galeton PA and back home thru NY. In the 1449 miles we grabbed 49 Tons and Burgs, couple of places for the Call of the Wild, and even managed 2 pics for the NER Treasure Hunt. This was the final push to capture Tons and Burgs for the Titanic Tour. Maybe we will get a few more towns in Connecticut.

Some of the things I learned this weekend, it is possible to go up a muddy dirt road, just don’t let off the throttle, western NY is pretty flat and straight, the sinking feeling that ones GPS is going south again, riding in the rain is not all that bad, Shinko tires work in wet conditions, and don’t get caught taking pictures of the Inebriate.

The first day was a planned 500 mile journey to the Finger Lake region of New York. Once you get passed the Adirondacks and Catskill Mountains, New York becomes pretty much flat. This is not a place I would pick to ride the twisties. While the scenery is not bad, with an occasional view of the Erie Canal, this place is pretty boring. We stayed in Canandaigua and we spent a good part of a half hour discussing how to say that towns name. We were both wrong. Summing up the day we captured 16 Tons and Bergs, got 2 places for the Call of the Wild and managed to squeak in a NER August Treasure Hunt item. (All photos will open a new window to full size, just click em)

We found plenty of dirt during this trip, but this has come to be expected when you do these treasure hunts. Some are more intimidating than others. The other type of road has been the Fresh Oil and Stone roads. When you first come across these you immediately think tiny pebbles and gooy slippery oil. These turned out to be pretty good roads for the most part

Lots of corn out this way. While moving along, the wind picked up pretty heavily in spots causing the leaves on the stalks of corn to wave. At times I felt like we were running a marathon thru the crowded streets of town with the people clapping as we raced past.

Of course what would one of my trips be without a National Landmark or Park. We pulled into Cornell University in Ithaca, NY to grab a pic of Morril Hall. As you can see the place is undergoing renovation, and I had to get a pic of the Landmark plaque, so jumping the fence was in order. I had been to this place once before in the Minutemen 1000 Rally 2 years ago.

A tribute to Ezra, himself

Grabbed this mural for the NER Treasure Hunt for the bird FALCON.

Our last stop of the night at about 8:30pm but we still had more distance to go.

What's nice about traveling at this time of night is you get to see the sunset. This is Canandaiqua Lake.

We rolled into the Finger Lakes Inn around 9, dumped our stuff in the room and headed for Applebee's because it was right across the street. It was a great 12+ hour day, with 534 miles knocked off. The extra miles from the planned 500 was due to GPS having the motel where it is not.

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