Saturday, August 28, 2010

Teriffy Giff saves Garmins Gaff

Bill Gifford of Trinity Auto saves our trip out west. When my 2720 went the crinkle route, I pulled out my refurbed 2610. It has been 2 years since I used a 2610 and the interface is different. Actually in some ways it is better, but I have gotten used to the 2720 and it works.

I remembered Bill purchased a 2720 right around the same time I did. The prices had gotten very very cheap. So I called him to see if I could borrow his for the trip out west. Well yesterday, Bill called and said he has the 2720 and I could come pick it up.

Next thing to do was test the unit to make sure our maps were the same. So at 3am this morning, I created a short route from my house to Performance Cycle to go get the rear brakes I ordered. Made a back up of Bill's data by receiving routes and WP's in MapSource and saved the file. Sent the route I created to Bill's unit. Charged it up and the unit said, the maps are different do you want to re-calculate. I forgot I had set the map set in MapSource to the 2610 version. Reset it to the NT version, recalcuated the route, and resent. Reselected the route to test and it was running perfect.

Woo Hoo and thank you Giff, you da man.

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