Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GPS is Ready to Navigate

Today I visited the post office on the way to work. As I stooped down to view my box, I see that familiar yellow card.

Package in 209. Aimee delivers a box and it's from Garmin. My 2720 has been repaired and returned to me.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning 5am. Break out the GPS, plug it on and turn it on. Looks brand new, no scratches, new screen. Plug the USB cable in, bring up MapSource, switch to use inside, load all the routes for the trip out west.

Now for the big test. Bring up Day 1. The 2720 flashes "Do you want to simulate the route" I answer Yes. Zooms to Bailey's and that little arrow starts down the street.

The new GPS is ready to Rock N' Roll.

1 comment:

Richard said...

Looks like everything is falling nicely into place. Measure twice, cut once. Plan, plan, plan. I hope it continues smoothly for your whole trip. We'll miss you guys in Stowe.
Have a ball.