Saturday, August 14, 2010

Final Days of the Titanic - Day 2

Second day has us heading out of the Finger Lakes regions to Stockton, NY as the turnaround point. As you move closer to that little section of Pennsylvania that sticks up and provides access to Lake Erie, the topography and the roads become more fun and scenic. From Stockton we headed southeast and found ourselves getting into the PA mountains of the Allegheny National Forest and Susquehannock State Forest.

Last month we rode thru PA and saw these guys popping up from time to time. We finally came across where these things are grown.

A windmill farm

Somewhere between Boston NY and Stockton NY we found ourselves in heavy farming country. I stopped here because it looked like someone had just dropped these round bails of stuff in a very symmetrical pattern.

An attempt for the NER Calendar

We stopped for lunch at this place in Cattaraugus, NY. We had some great dogs at Jenny's. When I went to pay for the check via VISA, she ran it thru but didn't leave any place to put a tip. I made a remark about this and she said you are not from around here are you. I never did quite figure out what she meant.

The turnaround point to head east

An old store in Ellington, NY. I just liked this place, no significance.

More dirt

Once in a Blue Barn.

Last stretch to our day's final destination

Today was to be the short day at 400 planned miles that turned into 440 miles because for some reason this section has a lot of detours for bridges gone bad. Up until the last detour we were way ahead of schedule (30 to 45 minutes), which we managed to burn up and actually arrived later than planned. We took our final Ton pic of the day and retired at the Ox Yoke Inn.

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