Sunday, August 1, 2010

As the Duck Flies

Its Sunday and I am really really bored and I have heard motorcycles off in the distance but none of them approached me until 5PM. I heard voosh coming up the mountain. It got a little louder and then it suddenly stopped. I heard voices saying it should be right behind one of the wood posts. I felt a hand and she grabbed me, pulling me from the spiders and their webs. They were gonna try eating me, but I am not what they think.

MeAsWe and Willie introduced themselves and told me we were gonna go for a little ride. I asked to look at the mountains one more time. MeAsWe came with me. She has the same color feathers as me.

We stopped here for some water for all of us. I was really thirsty and wanted to swim

We be shopping

Oh the shopping was worth it, but this pond is a little to small to swim in.

We went to see one of my tall relatives.

Then Willie brought me to see one of my SQUID relatives. Fast Freddy Falcon is really fast. Willie keeps taking this blanket out for me to sit on. I am gonna have to ask him why. I wonder if it is a spirtual thing with him ?

We stopped here for dinner. I was a little nervous they might serve duck here and they we gonna sell me

The Mario Brothers were in town. We had a blast

I was promised if I watched the bike I wouldn't be put on the menu.

I was diligently watchin the bike, when MeAsWe said are you hungry ??

After dinner we went outside and I decided I liked my new friends so much I got another tattoo.

Check out this neat 82 Honda 900 Custom

Willie said we needed to get a move on. He said he has a special surprise for me. So off we went. I really like the FJR, it is a great touring bike. PhatPat scared the QUACK out of me on the way up the mountain. Willie doesnt drive as fast, but he's not slow either.

I am seeing an awful lot of these and I don't even like coffee.

I feel asleep and when I woke up we were here. Willie told me my Aunt Red owns a chain of these places and is really really rich.

Even thou she was really busy she wanted to see the motorcycle. She's really big compared to me. Maybe too much of her own food.

It was like a family reunion at her place. These are cousins somewhat removed and I hear they play hockey too. I don't know what the guy in the back is cheering about, I don't even know him.

Well after we got over the initial hugs and kisses, Aunt Red said "Why don't stay here for awhile and learn how to wait. I am learning how to host, take customers names and seating customers. I am safe, NO WAY would Aunt Red Robin serve duck. So ask for me by name Duc and you have to have your helmet with you when you ask. I will be at the hostess station waiting for another ride. Thanks MeAsWe and Willie for the ride

I gotta go, I gotta get QUACKING before Aunt Red fires me. I just quack myself up. AFLAC. Oh I am at the Blackstone Vally Shopping Mall in Millbury, MA

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