Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freakin Floorboard Farkles for the FJR

Couple of weeks ago I was out grabbing some Tons and Burgs, Bird Towns and enjoying the southern portion of Massachusetts. I found myself in the town of Acushnet, where WynPro Industries is located. I came to find out about WynPro from the FJRForum, which is just choke full of great information dedicated to the FJR1300 Gen I & II bikes.

I had just grabbed this Robin Photo and gave Dave a call, the owner of the WynPro and asked him if I could drop by to pick up one of his kick stand pads. He said come on over. He did indicate his driveway was not paved and if I knew how to ride a dirt bike I should have no problems. I said if I didn't like the looks of the driveway I would just park at the end and walk up.

As I approached Dave's place I looked at the driveway, imagined hobbling up to his house with my bad knees, and simply stood up on the pegs and rode the distance. Hmmm maybe 900 feet or so.

Dave showed me the kick pad extender and I said I'll take it. He asked if I wanted to put it on now and said sure. Dave was gracious enough to mount his extender to the kickstand.

Dave asked me if I did alot of 2 up riding, which of course I said yes. Ya want a set of these rear floorboards. I hesitated all of 3 seconds and said sure. Ya want them installed, You bet. MeAsWe birthday was coming up and these could be a perfect gift. Yeah right.

Well I didn't get home until dark that night and told MeAsWe I had a surprise for her. The next morning we headed out to south western New Hampshire and north western Mass. MeAsWe professional opinion of these (she has well over 30,000 miles now riding pillion)is THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST. A simple platform has enabled her to sit on the FJR taking all of the pressure off her hips and enabling her to more naturally place her feet. She also commented the first time she mounted the bike with the floor boards, how much easier the mount was. She also indicated dismounting was much easier. She does alot of that when we are chasing stuff.

So Dave if you ever happen to read this, THANKS for the great Farkle.

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