Monday, August 16, 2010

Sometimes Insurance Pays Off

2 Years ago I purchased a 2720 from GetFeetWet. This was to replace the 2610 I had, which I left on the bike overnight in Maine at the Birthday Bash. When I awoke the next morning there was a bubble in the screen, which I touched and BAM DELIMINATION of the TOP SKIN.

Fast forward to this weekend in New York. During Saturday riding and stomping Tons and Burgs, the 2720 was acting like someone had the remote and was messing with me. It would go into the mode, like someone had touched the screen to mark a WP. Couple of times it went into a recalibration mode. I stopped at a Auto Zone, bought some black electrician tape and taped over that red lens on the left side, figuring this where the remote signal gets read. I figured the sun was playing games with the GPS.

The unit was still acting up, so at the next TON is taped the little thing on the back. I still had satellite reception since the unit was acting normal other than someone having a remote.

The unit was still working, tracking the route as intended, just annoying screen changes. Well Saturday I once again left the unit on the bike over night. Arose to rain on Sunday and one look at the screen and it looked like what we were going to look like when we got home. SHRIVELED once again.

The unit worked fine thru out the day and we still managed to hit all of our TONS and BURGS for the day.

I phoned versus ordered on line with GetFeetWet and the sales guy talk me into getting the 4 year extended warranty on the device for 15.00 versus the normal 59. I am usually pretty hesitant to buy EW's but it was only 15.00

Dug out my papers this morning, placed a call to RepairTech in Iselin, NJ (which being from that state I had a sinking feeling this was gonna go nowhere). Floated thru umpteen levels of Hit 1 Hit 2 if you are calling for claims hit 505 on your speed dial. Hey not once was I asked if I wanted to hear this in another language. Provided the information to the person and they said Alan would be calling me back with instructions

Well I just got a call from Alan and the unit is going back to Garmin and I should expect its return in 7 to 10 days. Today is a good day to be INSURED.

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