Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Panic - Anxiety - Will it Stop - Please Go Away

This morning I get up earlier than I needed to, but I figured it is the day before our trip and time for fretting about the small stuff. The routes have been printed, data sent to the GPS's and GPS ready to go. The key to the bike is safely tucked away in the medicine bag, so we don't forget it. Cash has been placed somewhere so we don't forget it. The bags have been packed since the weekend. So what is there to fret about. WHATS TO FRET ABOUT, OF COURSE THERE IS STUFF TO FRET ABOUT. One has to fret about the stuff that you don't know about yet.

One of those things is where is the bike. Last year the bike was in Salt Lake City well before we arrived. Pull eMail and check the tracking status. It says IN TRANSIT BLOOMINGTON IL. Huh ??? It should be in SLC, if it is in Illinois it's not gonna be there when we arrive, not only is it not in SLC, but it is in-transit to Bloomington, IL. The pain starts to crawl up the back of the shoulders. The stomach gets queasy. Then you start questioning yourself why didn't you look at this earlier in the week. MeAsWe is making some comments, but the words are just spinning around my head with the thoughts on what are we gonna do.

I quick start thinking how would we replan the trip if the bike was there on Friday. What park will we skip. Then the thought, what if it doesn't get there until next Monday or Tuesday. I quickly grab a calendar to see what that would mean. IT MEANS SOMETHING NOT GOOD.

OK, we could rent a car, but then MeAsWe says all the cameras are packed on the bike. It feels like I am being pulled into the ocean at the Joisey shore and there are crabs snipping at my feet.

It's something like 7:15, so I call Federal knowing full well it is in the 6's for time there. Thank you for calling the Federal Company. Our normal work hours are 8 to 5pm, Monday thru Friday, except on Holidays. Please listen carefully for our options have changed..... I hang up. Do I wait til 8 or is their 8 our 9. I look at the clock and the hands slow to a crawl. Time in now saying we are going to make you sweat this out Willie, and we are going to have fun watching you sweat.

Anxiety, anquish, dazed, panic, pacing (heart and feet), head is spinning and I have to go thru this for a while.

In the car on the way to work, clock hits 8:01, speed dial Federal Companies, don't even listen for the options (which have changed), dial 2210, voice comes on. WOW Jackie is actually there and it is not voice mail.

Me: Jackie this is Bill Collins. I don't have my tracking number, but I hope you tell me my bike is in Salt Lake City.

Jackie: Bill, I have your information right here. Let me see what I can find out.

It is reassuring that Jackie actually had my stuff in front on her or she portrayed she did. What a pro move.

Jackie: Bill, I am sure things are OK, but can I call you back in 5 or 10 minutes.

Me: Sure

That 10 minutes was very very very long. I finished driving to Mansfield, went into Subway to get my breakfast clinging the phone, drove over to Honey Dew for a decaf coffee, got in line. All this time I am clinging to the phone. One car away from ordering and the phone rings. I immediately pull out of line.

Jackie: Bill, hows your day going.
Me: Depends on what you tell me.
Jackie: Sometimes I am the bearer of bad news, but this is not one of those days.

A halo of calm starts at the top of my head and flows gently down over my face, to my shoulders, makes it past my stomach (not an easy feat) and down to my toes.

Jackie: The tracking has not been updated. Your bike is due in the terminal today and will be waiting for you when you arrive tomorrow.

Me: Thanks a ton
Jackie: I hope you have a great day.

From there I am not sure what was said, but I heard what I wanted and the world was back in balance.

Now to find the next thing to fret about. I am sure it will come to me.

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