Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not Less at Lassen

We are getting down to the end of our trip. There are 2 or 3 more parks to visit while we are out West. I am sitting in our hotel in Redding, CA feeling kinda of knarly.

Heading a little more west to Whiskeytown National Recreational Area on Historic 99. Route 99 was the main highway that went from the border with Mexico to Blaine WA. It was like Route 66 that went north and south.

Whiskeytown was for a pure stamp stop in CA. Not that we needed it, but eventually it is my goal to have hit every park and this one is out of the way. Of note the Trinity Dam is one of the highest earth dams in the world.

We did pick up the Shasta Lake post office as a water town, and then headed for Lassen Volcanic National Park. Based on my brief reading in the prep stage this was a potential grab and run for the stamp. As all plans they are subject to change. Lassen Peak is the largest plug hole domed volcano in the world. There is one road thru Lassen and it is a beauty. Highest elevation the road reaches is 8600'. You feel like you are driving right to the top of the volcanoes. Snow abounds as well.

The Snow

Lassen Peak

We also got off the bike and took a walk looking for bears. Not sure what we would have done if we actually came across any. The walk did us some good, I think.

The flowers

From Lassen we headed for Reno. The roads leading out of Lassen were twisty, forested and interesting. Eventually they turned desert plains like. We followed this guy into Reno. A Hayabusa with twin Givi for side cases.

Locked up Nevada for Smoke Chasing 2011

Called it a night here

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