Sunday, August 21, 2011

Skipping Skid Row and Goosing the Spruce

Today will amount to a travel day. Heading out of Portland to Klamath Falls for sightseeing on Sunday. Portland will remind us of back home with its traffic. Actually it might be worse than back home. We did get a late start and took us nearly 4 hours to travel a measly 64 miles. My fault since I had to do some sightseeing first.

First stop was Skidmore / Old Town, a National Historic Landmark. Well for the most part I got it wrong. Skidmore includes both the area of Chinatown and the old section of Portland, which we saw from the highway.

I think the real Skidmore might bein this shot, maybe

Next was the Pioneer Courthouse, the oldest Federal building in the Pacific Northwest. I was trying to document this building with the camera and I didn't do a very good job.

Portland has all these pesky driving rules. Lots of one way streets that I tried to go down the wrong way. Trolley/Bus lanes that I am not suppose to ride in. I had a bus driver yelling out his window telling me to get out of his lane. Then having to let the Peds cross the street. Just so many rules.

Next is the B17 Gas Station that is no longer a gas station and only partially a B17. It's a restaurant now.

Off to the McLoughlin House, which is part of the National Park, has a stamp, and qualifies for the IBA National Park Tour. Oregon is locked up as a state. McLoughlin was the head factor for Fort Vancouver in Washington.

Since we saw the B17 we just had to visit another one. We passed thru this section that had something like 3 lanes merge to 1 lane and then they stuck a traffic light to make it worse. I don't remember what town it was, but is was brutal with the temps climbing into the 90's.

We did not pay the fees to go into the museum to walk around. The Spruce Goose was the primary objective. This is a place you could spend all day at and one of the largest aviation museums I have seen.

Out of the area, we hang a right on some country road taking us thru grape growing area, which was a nice ride finally. Came across a ferry to take us across the river. Thought we were on the Outerbanks in North Carolina again.

At this point we have 265+ miles to go, its 2ish or 3ish and the GPS is saying we are gonna get in around 8:30pm, which is the bewitching hour for critters. I decide at this point we are skipping the rest of the spots to visit, which are primarily water towns. Watch we will lose a place because we skipped them.

We are traveling thru some heavy forested areas, making the ride visually nice. Our primary road was RT58 and RT 97 into Klamath Falls. It is clouding up and we are getting a few drops of rain here and there. I am hoping we can outrun the rain, since I can see the edge of the storm.

With the rain on our left and the sun streaming thru on our right, sets up the conditions for a perfect rainbow

Trying to run for this sunlight

Came across one of those deer prancing signs. It said Deer 53 miles. Give me a break, its getting dark and there are deer all the way into Klamath Falls. Setting up another perfect storm for us. Now it was important to outrun this rain and get to the edge where there is sun light left. I decided to tuck myself in behind a truck and let them run interference for us. They were moving at an acceptable speed. I am spotting sone deer on the left, MeAsWe has the right flank and I am also having to keep an eye on the truck. Of course I spotted a friggin deer convention off to left, so makes the situation more tense.

Coming into Klamath Falls we are getting smacked left and right by bugs. They were thick, so thick I had to put my shield down. Pull into Days Inn, and my shoulders finally let a sigh of relief. Dinner turned out to be Tostitos and Rolling Rock.

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