Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wasted in Great Basin

We had a great stay at the Hotel Nevada. At first this place will appear to be run down dive, the rooms small and the water pressure/temp variable, but I have to say our stay was great. They warn you about the water, taking a negative and turning it into a positive. Great marketing !! The rest is nostalgia to the max, well to at least 1929 when the place was built.

Back out on Route 50 heading for Great Basin National Park right on the border of Nevada and Utah. The road didn't change much from yesterday.

Some of the warning signs became more specific.

Temps were getting up there again

We visited this place right on the border, grabbed a stamp, sneaked in a brief nap, watched the video and got back on US 50 heading to Utah.

Once we hit Utah, there were some subtle changes. The road went from white to black for one.

The hills became more mountain like and rugged.

And the clouds became a bit more ominous

What didn't change was the wind. It was breezy at times. But things did get greener.

And there was more signs of life.

But there were relapses into the straight and narrow.

We found ourselves back in civilization and finished up the day with a water town, then headed for the hotel for the night.

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