Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lolo Naked Cowgirls and Climbing Cowboys

Todays travel is all about getting somewhere today, so that we see stuff tomorrow. Before leaving Kalispell we traveled downtown for this fun guy.

Initially the roads looked like this.

Captured a couple of these during the day for An Affair with Water

In one of the water towns this guy comes trotting thru town

Apparently his main mode of transportation is his 4 wheeler.

Stopped at this place to get our first Blue Goose Passport stamp. These are similar to the National Park stamps, but are issued by the National Wildlife Refuge System. They have a road thru the refuge, however they do not allow motorcycles because it is gravel and the bison can get a bit testy at times because it's mating season through July and August.

A stack of antlers at the refuge.

Right where this Cowgirl sits, if you hang a right onto Rt12 you will begin the ascent to Lolo Pass.

Climbing to Lolo Pass

At the border of Idaho / Montana you hit the Lolo Pass.

Just as you leave the Lolo Pass Visitor Center there is a sign that says "Winding Road Next 99 Miles". I saw this sign but had passed it and could not turn around. A missed pictunity. The sign wasn't kidding about the miles and we rode all of them into Kamiah, ID. This is no doubt the most turns we have ridden in one stretch. After about 45 miles of this turns, you begin to wish for some of the straight sections, but they are far and few between.

Our end point for the evening, right on Rt 12.

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