Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking on Guilt at Crater Lake

Today will start out as a lazy day, continue as a lazy day and end as a lazy day. We have a semi fully agenda but we are gonna blow it off and take a rest. We have been on the road for 11 days pushing and pushing and I failed to incorporate a rest day, so we're gonna make one.

Crater Lake is only 60 miles away. This is the only thing we're gonna see today, since I have been looking forward to it since the planning stages. Of course I say this is the only thing but I tend not to stick to my word once on the bike.

First stop is to grab Klamath Falls for An Affair with Water. While this is a great example, it is technically not attached to the building and it must be on the building. It is oh so close thou.

Right up the street is a great example of Art Deco or is it Art Noveau. I will figure that out when I get home for

We head out on RT 97, but Garmin soon has us taking off on some other road that turns out to show us some farm lands. The signs do point to Crate Lake this way, so I feel we are not on a goose chase.

We arrive

The road up to the crater has plenty of swichbacks as you rise in elevation. I did not think we were up that high, but the 2720 showed us over 7000'. MeAsWe was really slacking on the photo taking, but here are a few

First stop is the VC and this place. It is the superintendent house and is a National Landmark.

We took in the video, but I was dropping in and out with small naps. We traveled a couple more miles to the top to see the lake. The lake is spectacular. We listened to the ranger's discussion and found out it is one of the deepest, cleanest lakes in the world.

Here's where the guilt trip comes in. Both MeAsWe and I were feeling really tired and thru a short discussion we decided to simply head back to the barn and take a rest day. We did not ride the Rim Loop. I don't even want to look at the pamphlet to see what we missed. This was almost as bad as a grab and run for a stamp.

Once we were back in Klamath Falls I did go seeking another sign on a building for the water. It was not that easy to find, but persistence will get you almost anything. Hasn't worked on a winning lottery ticket yet.

In the barn, cracked open a Rolling Rock and watched TV. The guilt drifted away

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