Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Buck to Stop Here

Today we traveled thru Yellowstone to the North Entrance around Mammouth Springs to our final destination of the day in Great Falls. Other than the stamp at Fort Yellowstone it is pretty much a pure travel day. We did get to pass a special spot for both of us, plus it is MeAsWe birthday. For a birthday present, I promised not to hit any animals.

We hit very little traffic in Yellowstone. How lucky is that, 2 days in a row and no traveling castles obstructing our views.

First stop was Norris Museum. We stopped here because it is National Historic Landmark.

Out back of the Norris Museum are some geyser basins. We did not walk all the way out to them, since they pretty much look like the rest of the geysers in Yellowstone. Matter of fact this was pretty much a roll thru since we had been here last year.

These pools look so inviting to jump get in and relax. Right outside Fort Yellowstone is Mammouth HotSprings. Another geyser but pretty impressive. We walked about 3/4 way up these.

One of those "You are Here" maps. Helped make the decision to ascend or descend.

It is amazin how some of this stuff grows where it grows

The last view of Yellowstone as we head up US 89 to Great Falls

Thru Livingston, MT, hang a left onto US89 North and away we go. First we have to stop and take a picture of ourselves for that oh so special moment in Clyde Park.

Today there was no Buck, or any other animal around. A picture of an intact FJR at the Antler Bar. We did have lunch here.

From Clyde Park to Great Falls the roads looked like this

And this

Let's just stay the ride became tedious and the temp rose into the high 90's, very unusual I understand for this area. We finally hit Great Falls, grabbed some ink at the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center and then headed into the barn for some Red Beer.

Oops, before the beer we had to seek out a Great Falls sign for An Affair with Water. We found it right across the street from the Holiday Inn.

We have been using Priceline.com for booking our motels and it is working like a charm. Cheap price for a much better motel room I would have booked on my own. Thank you Jan and Alan for the info.

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