Thursday, September 8, 2011

As Pigs Fry

Smoke Chasing 2011 wrap up.

With our travels out West we were able to cover the 15 state requirement to become BBQ Pit Masters. The levels were to visit/eat at follows:

5 places in 3 states you become a Griller

3 places in 5 states you become a Smoker

1 place in 15 states you are a BBQ Pit Master

I have to say I was not a big fan or more accurately I would not go out of our way for BBQ, but I learned what I like and don't like this year. In the future, BBQ will have a place in my heart (or is that attack my heart) and will stop more often at the joints as we come across them. Oh, brisket is at the top of the list. I still don't know what good, great or wonderful BBQ is, but I do know what crap BBQ tastes like. Only 1 place had that distinction this year.

There was (or is that were) 400 entrants in the Inaugural Tour. Here's what we submitted. We did accomplish the Smoker level as well, just in case we didn't get to the BBQ Pit Master level.

MA Holy Smokes BBQ Delicatessen

NY Fireside BBQ and Grill (this was awful)

NH KC Rib Shack Bar-B-Que

CT Little Marks Big Barbecue

VT Curtis All American Bar B Q

RI United BBQ

ME Mainely Bar-B-Que and Company

NJ Jersey Shore BBQ & Catering

UT Kaiser's Barbecue

WY Bubba's Bar-B-Que

MT Beartooth Barbecue

WA The Lariat Bar-B-Que

OR Russell Street Bar-B-Que

CA Fat Daddy's Gourmet BBQ

NV Ritchie's BBQ

Who was the best...gotta go to KC's Rib Shack in Manchester NH. They be Smokin

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