Friday, September 9, 2011

Return of the Splat Squito

Picked up the FJR from Allied Van Lines. Went over the bike and the only thing was a strap left a mark on the right muffler. Not a big mark, but a mark never the less. Boy the bike is really really REALLY dirty. And it has alot of bugs, guts and other things all over it. It is so dirty that I thought it was hiding the marks on the one of the mirrors from a tip over. Wrong mirror. Then I came across what I thought was a crack in the fairing. Turned out to be the edge of the 1300 decal. Not sure when I will get a chance to wash it, maybe right before I take it in for the grounding recall, which will be right before I put it away for the winter (oh oh i said that 6 letter word). It was good to ride the bike again after being away from it for about 2 weeks. Got a final mileage on our trip, 4,306. Not that many miles, but enough m to say we went somewhere.

I think by the time I took these photos alot of the critters dried up and just fell off. I did clear the top edge of the Laminar Lip and headlights on route thou.

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