Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Affair with Water

Last weekend, the long one, I labored thru (Labor Day) our photo's and put together 2 DVD's of pictures of towns we visited. MeAsWe submitted 199 towns and I submitted 230 towns. Based on last year we should be in the top 10, but ya just never know. I am counting on the economy, price of gas and other non related factors to boost our standing this year. Since MeAsWe was a competitor she had to be the one holding the rally towel in all our joint pictures.

We covered 17 states from California to Maine. Sounds impressive eh...we skipped a bunch between Pennsylvania and Wyoming. I am curious what next year brings. This year was a bit tougher than last year finding the water towns, plus you had to find the name on a building. It was much easier finding Tons and Burgs.

Wraps up one more national treasure hunt or grand tour.

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