Saturday, September 17, 2011

Defiant at Fort Ticonderoga

Today we slept in til about 8:30 and joined the NERds at breakfast downstairs at Wingate. Having slept in, everybody was just finishing and getting ready to take off on various prepared rides. While I felt like we might miss out on something, I wanted to grab some historic sites and be able to stop when and where we wanted, so riding solo has it benefits as well.

After breakfast MeAsWe was not feeling great, so I settled in with the TV set to a motorcycle theme. Paul Sr and Paul Jr we having a bike build off for Cadillac. I watched this for about 2 hours and then a reality prison show came on. I decided that MeAsWe had had enough rest and it was time to go out riding. She rolled off the bed and put her riding clothes on and we headed out for a short ride.

Headed up Route 9N for some of the locations EasyEd had put together as scenic places. Passed this place in Bolton and had too turn around to add to my collection of diners. This is a Worcester Lunch Car diner. You can tell by the barrel roof and porcelin sides.

Stopped for a scenic shot of Lake George

On the list was a must see Mount Defiance that overlooks Fort Ticonderoga. The road up to the mount lived up to its name; however we were more defiant than the road. Actually we had been warned about the road of potholes, but the warnings proved to be worse than the actual ride. From up here one had a beautiful view of the Lake Champlain.

Two cannons placed by the British on the top of this mountain we enough to for the Americans to withdraw from both Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Independence. I want to know how they got the cannons up there with out being detected.

Fort Ticonderoga was a big disappointment due to the hefty entrance fee of $15. While maybe I understand the need to charge a fee, such a steep one kept us away. I did manage to get a couple of pictures from the barricade.

From here we headed for the infamous Tracey Rd NY County Road 6. The ride on CR7 to CR6 was just as nice. Tracey Rd was washed out in places from hurricane Irene, so we kept our speeds to a conservative pace. This is a short stretch of road, about 7 miles long. Tracey Rd dumps out onto RT 9 and headed back to the Wingate for dinner and called it a day.

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