Saturday, May 5, 2012

NER Meet and Greet - 05 04 2012

This morning we all convened on 21 Church St in West Boylston for the annual NER Meet and Greet. There were many new faces and lots of old faces and as a guess there were 80 or so riders. Anyone can be a NER (New England Rider) since we are a loosely knit group of riders that frequent a particular forum on Delphi. I also saw faces from the FJR Forum and the MTF (Motorcycle Tourer's Forum).

We left our place about 10:30 and picked up a USA place on the way.

The Meet and Greet was just around the corner. We got there a bit early as people were just arriving

Ken was on the grill working so fast the he blurred the picture. Even the new Nikon couldn't keep up

GoldWingBob was  preppy the front end with the condiments and chips

Bonnie, GoldWingBob's wife was also on the prep line

Magilla takes care of the For Sale section. Each year at the M&G people bring their motorcycle gear they want to unload and sell. Magilla had alot of stuff this year, so he was doing more tagging versus directing this year.

Pat was getting a kick out of the prices Magilla was putting on his stuff. Pat has to be one of the top SS1K guys around.

Here's MeAsWe doing one of her famous bird calls as Sandi watches

The first batch of dogs get put out. Ken did an outstanding job on the dogs.

The feast begins. See any familiar faces out there.

Mike making an announcement saying let there be Cake. GoldWingBob retired this week, the lucky dog.

Some very good friends Alan and Jan

Second generation NERS with the compulsory salute from OSJ. To the left of OSJ is PCChevy, to the right is Shadowrunner and his wife Char. That's WorcesterBill in the orange (FRJ rider). Michele is in the blue and Roger in the foreground with the gray hair.

My GoTo guy (who does all the maintenance work on the FJR). Also a very good friend, Bill and Denise. Looking for minor work to be done on your bike, you can't find a better person. Try Trinity Auto in Whitinsville MA. Does cars too !! 

We moved the party outdoors.

The riders we lining up to go for a little romp around central MA and then head for ice cream. Getting lined up for the run.

EasyEd getting ready to lead the group.

We were headed out to pick up a National Park, couple BBQ joints and some USA towns, however MeAsWe was feeling not so great, so we headed home. Gotta make sure she is in good shape for next week. We picked up one last USA town right down the street from us.

See ya on the road next weekend.

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