Monday, May 21, 2012

Rolling to Rolla, but stopping for a Pea along the way

Today is all about getting a BBQ joint in Kansas. We are trying to accomplish the 15 / 15/ 15 sidedish, which requires the state of Kansas. Otherwise we would be taking a leisurely ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway right now.  We even blow off the first Wal-mart store in Bentonville, instead we grabbed the palm tree place.

The Panasonic has developed this annoying spot on the lens. I thought it was
a finger print, but now I think it is moisture.
First stop is Pea Ridge National Military Park. I have been here before on my first NPT and intended the stop to be an Ink (stamp) and run stop. As we were wandering around in the VC, we got to talking to this guy and he convinced us to watch the video.

This road was like riding the serpents back. Felt like you could launch yourself and jump to the next hump.

We stopped at George Washington Carvers house for some Ink. George was a botanist, scientist, inventor and a educator. His most notable work centered around the peanut. He developed  around 100 products from the peanut.

There were a ton of butterflies all over the place. They were either very friendly or maybe they were vampire butterflies

Grabbed Lumpy's as the Missouri representative for the 15 /15/15 sidedish

We pulled into Fort Scott, KS and headed for Sugarfoot and Peaches BBQ. The whole reason for going to Kansas. During our trek many times we were asked where we were headed and I would say Kansas for a BBQ joint. It was then we would get that look of huh ?

Our timing was perfect, it was lunch time. Both MeAsWe and I had the chili. Now you say that's not BBQ, but one has to remember, at least to me, that BBQ is very very filing. We still have 200 miles to go for the day, so a lighter fare is in order. John, the owner, gave us some of his pulled pork and ribs to show us what we were missing. Let's just say this place is worth riding to. Between the prepared food and his sauces, it is food Nirvana. Of course that is IMHO.

Grabbed Ink at Fort Scott, which also gives us KS for the NPT. Fort Scott sits in the middle of our country, but in 1850 it was on the edge of US settlements.

Grabbed this place in Eldorado Springs, MO. I caught this out of the corner of my eye and turned around to get it. Of course the parking lot was nothing but loose gravel. BBQ joints signs often are very colorful.

When you get off the numbered highways in Missouri onto their Lettered routes like V, A, NN, etc, the roads get very curvy. This particular section was Route T heading into Stoutland for the USA tour.

This little diversion didn't look big on the MapSource, but at the end of the day they get bigger. From here we headed right for our final destination Best Western, Rolla, MO rolling in right around 8pm.

Well I know I said we headed right in, but this place was just down the street from the hotel and it was a targeted BBQ joint on MapSource and we might have forgotten it the next morning. Just sayin'

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