Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inserection in Jacksonville

Columbia, SC is the perfect spot of setting up Conagree Swamp National Park. Not too far from the hotel I spot this place and decide to back to it for a picture. Now you would think the satellite dish was out of place or the basketball hoops, but ADIRONDACK chairs in South Carolina. I just thought this was a kewl pic. (All pictures are clickable and will enlarge upon click)

The northwest gots the spectacular mountains like Ranier, the southwest got the rocks the shoot for the skies, in the midwest there is the mighty Missississippi and up in New England there is the classic fisherman boats and the ocean. In the Southeast nobody has the swamps like they do. Louisiana, Florida and Conagree in South Carolina. English intended to be awful.

Conagree is the largest surviving deciduous hardwood forest in the US. It has some of the tallest trees in the eastern US, forming one of the highest temperate deciduous forest canopies. The park is set up with a board walk through the forest just like Barataria Preserve in Louisiana. This time I am good to go, but MeAsWe is still having problems with the deer strike from 2010. We take advantage of the video in the VC and then stroll out on the boardwalk for a while. It really is quite impressive.

Just outside Conagree we grab this historical marker for SC. We have been grabbing these here and there for and I almost have a complete collection of NH historical markers.

Grab a really kewl closed BBQ joint. We did grab with a pic with our tour flag, but this is a better picture.

And there is the USA tour stops

St George SC
In Yemassee, SC we grab this picture just because

and head out of town on Old Sheldon Church Road and stop here for awhile

The Old Sheldon Church was built between 1745 and 1753 and burned down by the Brits (the bastahs) during the Revolutionary War. It was then rebuilt in 1826 to be burned again by Sherman (who liked to play with fire) in 1865 (the bastah). If you are in the area this is neat place to take a breather and walk around.

As a bonus the above location was a USA Tour town, SHELDON.

Heading into Savannah, GA we passed this place and got a bit sidetracked

We don't have many of these stamps, but this could be an endeavor for the future. I did get the book thou.

The last time we were in Savannah I had to get a double shot glass from the HD place. This was a specific target. Well we found ourselves on River St on a wet cobblestone road. In the middle of the street were trolley car tracks with a paved section between the two rails. Do you see where this is going ? So we hopped on the paved section and began our path down to the HD dealer. Well I had to yield to the oncoming trolley since he could not steer around me so I cut the front wheel hard to make that parallel crossing with the track. Lets just say we gave a spectacular rendition of the Flying Wellendas show in front of the restaurant where we came to rest.

So what does 2008 event have to do with today. As we head for the Tour of Honor memorial, the descent down the road was a deja vu happening. Yup we are back on River Rd (I swore off cobblestone and RR tracks back in 2008). The stones looked the same, the RR tracks were still there and so was the pavement between the rails. This time I opted for a pure cobblestone ride. I was quite bumpy but we kept the rubber side down.

see the pavement between the rails
While this road is not treacherous, once you are there you are committed to the whole ride.

Chatam County WWII Monument
Savannah being a S town we grabbed the local theater which is also pretty neat NEON.

We decide to mix it up a bit and MeAsWe holds the camera as I hold the tour flag

Fort Pulaski is not too far away, is on our way to Jacksonville, FL where we are going to stay, and is a National Monument, which counts for the IBA National Park Tour.  We have been here before so we do not spend alot of time here and even forgo the Cockspur Island Lighthouse (did you know the IBA has a Lighthouse Tour ). I did capture the waving girl thou.

It's 4pm and we still have 150+ miles to go before we can rest, so I elected I-95 as a pathway to Jacksonville. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do and the Interstates are known for their speed. There are some places I want to grab just outside of Jacksonville thou. We stop here and I mention I read something about a Waffle House tour and while we are down south we just might want to consider throwing in..... MeAsWe just rolls her eyes... just sayin

Now I thought I unscheduled this stop to make time to Jacksonville, but I guess I forgot to push some button on the GPS

And while we were here how could we let this place go unvisited.

Do you think MeAsWe is thinking
will ya just take the damn picture already
and lets get out of here
We are getting close to our final destination this proves it

Hart Bridge Expressway
I am starved and we are in the area so we stop here. This place was actually very good, I didn't take the Master's recommendation to have the ribs and opted for the brisket. He gave me some complementary ribs and he was spot on about his recommendation. If you are in the area give this place a try.

4907 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207

We get out of Bono's around 830pm, the sun has finally gone to sleep, the hotel is only a few miles away and I say we can either make today a lengthy trip or add miles to tomorrow. Of course my presentation was a bit biased and nighttime is the time for NEON.

This was a really neat neon sign and I just couldn't get any of
cameras to focus on the sign..maybe it was the
content that effected the camera
At 8:40pm I finally called it a day....err I mean night...and we head to the hotel. We have been in the saddle for well over 12 hours and geez enough is enough...actually I probably could have found more stuff, but I do know when to quit so not to have an inserection on my hands.

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