Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nailing Silver

With yesterday pushing the 400 mile mark, today's ride will be right around 300 miles. A ride around the block so to speak. Only 2 really important stops today and they are the first two.

First stop is Fort Caroline which is part of the Timucuan Preserve. We have been here before and this stop is the Florida segment of the IBA Silver National Park Tour. While we do not have 25 states yet, this all but assures the Silver once we complete this trip.

Fort Caroline Visitor Center

We head out for Kingsley Plantation, also in Florida. You have 2 choices to get there, ride around the inlets and islands or cut off a bunch miles and take a ferry. We opt for the ferry.

Kingsley Plantation and the buildings date back to the late 1700's. The site has evidence of Pre-Colombian Timucuan life and was also known for permitting their slaves to earn their freedom thru work. If you visit here check out the screen door on the bathroom.

Road into Kingsley Plantation

At water edge, check out the crab
The Holiday Inn we stayed in last night did not have a free breakfast (it should for the price) so we stopped for a late breakfast right after we left Kingsley Plantation.

Rest of the afternoon was spent riding the back roads of Florida and Georgia picking up various USA towns and BBQ Joints.

Pics from the road on the way to Americus, GA

Florida's Tail of the Dragon 11 curves 312 miles

We rode all around this site, thinking it was a plane crash or something. Simply turned out to be a field burning

We got to the hotel around 6pm the earliest we have gotten in since the beginning of the trip. Right next door was a Ruby Tuesday where we had dinner. Not exactly a local spot, but convenient.

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