Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rockin a Little in Little Rock

We are getting on the road late this morning for us, but it is vaca after all. We had a great dinner at Olive Garden last night. For a chain restaurant, they have awfully good food. When we get outside the FJR was caught consorting with a group that pulled in last night. Hope the FJR isn't too hung over.

First stop of the day is the VC for the Natchez Trace Parkway just outside Tupelo. We meet up with a fellow rider there who just got a Victory and she was jealous of our journeys, seeing our license plate and where we were from. She is tied down at home with 2 great danes.

Not often do we get a 2 for. This one covered both the USA Tour and Smoke Chasing 2012

Brices Crossroads is a good example of winning the battle, but losing the war. Your Ink (National Park Stamp) is obtained at the Natchez Trace Parkway VC.

We grabbed this for the USA Tour and proceeded to make a big loop to find ourselves right back at the water tower. The road the GPS selected had a detour. Thoughts of Rod Sterling were beginning to form.

A picture from the cockpit

Getting low on fuel we stopped. It was at one of those gas stations that you had to walk into the store to get authorization. I asked who house was across the street and with a disgusted like look, she said our pastor. I then questioned her if you have a TV thing going on from her church. Another patron came into the store, having overheard part of your conversation and said "Oh, yall talking about our pastor". Apparently the pastor is on government assistance, as well.

We have been seeing alot of this down here. Actually I saw alot of this in the Detroit area couple of years back. Actually I have just seen this all over the US. Lots of closed places

Found ourselves on the Great River Road, US 61

And crossing over the Mississippi River into Arkansas

We grabbed the Centennial Baptist Church in Helena, AR.  Dr. Elisa Morris Camp was the pastor here and began the National Baptist Convention at this location. It is a National Historic Landmark.

Grabbed another BBQ joint for Smoke Chasing. Here I was trying to get a calendar shot for the NER . Too much Budweiser and Bud Lite advertising to make it to a calendar.

We ate at this place and it was hopping. They do have very good BBQ. It is in De Valls Bluff, AR

On our way into Little Rock, we were buzzed by this guy, spraying (at least that what I think he was doing) the rice paddies. Arkansas is the largest producer of rice in the US.

From here it was a short jaunt into Little Rock, except I missed the right exit on I-30, so I took advantage of our turn around spot and grabbed this location as the last shot of the day.

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