Saturday, May 12, 2012

Packing Lite for 16 Days

Thought I would share with you readers, how we pack for our long journeys. Essentially we pack for a 16 day trip the same way we would pack for a 3 day trip. Lite lite lite. We carry one pair of fisherman pants we got at Bass Pro Shop, 2 pairs of wicking underwear, 1 cotton T Shirt, 3 pairs of wicking socks, 1 pair of long under armor pants (mine happens to be those TPG things) and 2 wicking T-shirts. The cotton T is the dress up going out shirt. It all fits neatly (or crammed in my case) into a 3 gallon Ziplok plastic bag, the Luggage. The Bass Pro fishing pants legs zip off , converting them into shorts. They are real light weight and very comfortable to boot.

The next big thing is all the electronic crap one has to take. Well not sure has to is the right word, First is the notebook. I use this to access the web while we are on the road to write some blog entries, maybe change routes via MapSource, but probably the most important item is storing our photos and unloading off the SD cards. Then there are the charging adaptors, phone, notebook, GPS, headset. This year I bought from GPS City the Garmin AC Charger. Now I have a single implement for using the GPS's inside. In addition it works for telephones and anything else you would charge up while in your car.

I pack all of this stuff in small plastic bags that are labeled. Why labeled. When you pull all of the stuff out in the motel, these labeled bags serves as a reminder what goes back in them so you don't forget anything, like the camera battery charger that is still plugged into the wall.

These all fit neatly (crammed into) this blue bag. Somewhere we misplaced the Acer cover from the last trip.

That's what we pack no matter how long the trip is. As far as the clothes and fashion statement. We are always on the move from town to town, so  the stuff we had on yesterday looks new to the people today. We either wash the stuff out in the sink and hang to dry or use the motel on site washing machines. Most of the time we are wearing our motorcycle gear, so the clothes for the trip do not have to be that extensive.

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