Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Laminar Lip - How Good is It

This is a good time to write down my thoughts about the Laminar Lip that was recently mounted on the FJR. In a nutshell this is an awesome addtion for both me as the pilot and for MeAsWe as well.

 Over time one forgets what the Lip does. Our last one blew off just as we were leaving on a 4 day trip. That sucked. I now can ride with my shield in the up position, even at 80mph. While this might not be the smart thing to do, because bugs and debris can really hurt at those speeds, it does mean the Lip creates a pocket of still air right at that level.

With the helmet shield in the down position at speeds over over 50, the wind noise is much quieter and one of the biggest benefits of the Lip. Without it the noise was driving me bonkers.

Buffeting is all but eliminated at all speeds. Most noticeable is when I use to drop my left hand off the handle bars to rest the hand, the noise level and buffeting significantly increased. That has been eliminated.

MeAsWe says the wind and buffeting that occurred in the space between is gone. She also says the wind noise in the helmet is much quieter.

I suggest using the 3M anchors that Laminar provides and a plastic bolt and nut to mount it. My last one blew off the bike. Laminar will send the plastic bolt and screws if you ask.

This is a very worthwhile farkle for any rider. Laminar Lip can be obtained HERE . Pictures can be enlarges, simply click em.

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