Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catch the SOB

Today is pretty much a travel day to set up for hitting Conagree Swamp in SC tomorrow. We are going to pick up Moores Creek National Battlefield to pick up the only site in North Carolina for the NP Tour. At almost 400 miles for the day, it will be a long day.
We have seen alot of abandoned buildings during our trip, however this appears to be a fairly modern school and fenced off.

We head for Moores Creek via Autryville and pick up another USA town. These are the ones I should have used for the tour, but was too lazy to set up for a flag photo.

On our way to Salemburg I start questioning our need to go to Moores Creek. We have been there, I have a pin and we really don't need North Carolina in our 25 state count for the IBA National Park Tour. Playing with the GPS (I have 2 mounted on the bike for this exact reason. To play What If scenarios) I see that we can chop off nearly 100 miles of our day trip and lose only 1 USA town. We grab the Salemburg pic and select our next waypoint which is in the opposite direction of Moores Creek.

We found us seeing these along the road.


And find ourselves at this place

SOB (South of the Border) is the epitome of American Roadside Kitsch and I love it. I remember passing thru here in 1979 and it was pretty run down. This place started out as a beer stand in the 50's for those people in NC, which was just south of a dry NC county at the time. He grew that beer stand into a tourist mecca. This place has got to glow at night. I would like to return to see the glorious Neon at night.

We ended up using the time we saved at SOB, The temps were soring in the 90's with the humidity soaring in the same direction. I even took a quick cat nap

We picked up Boss Hog BBQ

Which is right across the street from this place.

We had only one scheduled stop left and it was not looking good on the time. We pulled into Historic Camden at 5:13pm, but the door to the visitor center was still open. The person said, "Sorry we are closed for the day", to which I asked can we get the NP stamp, which we got a positive response from. Having no other must stops we wandered around a bit.

Camden was an important city during the Revolutionary War, being on the crossroads between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.
Just outside of Columbia SC, about 20 miles or so, we ran into to some pretty heavy rain and winds. Having been thru a pretty wild storm in Illinois a couple years ago (actually a tornado) and getting blown off the Connie, I decided to take cover just north of Columbia. We stopped for about an hour  and then headed for the barn of the day. But of course we had to pick up a couple of BBQ places before we got there.

Our end point for the day

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