Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bringing it Home

Today will be our last day on the road and we are heading home. We have been on the road for 16 days and will finish using the interstates for this leg. While I had a route planned, I simply charge up the GPS to take us home.

Just outside of Annville, PA sits the Indiantown Gap National Cemetery. This is a Tour of Honor site and it was on the way.

Right around noon time we stop for a bite to eat

Cross a familar bridge, the Tappanzee

Since it was on the way we picked up the Tour of Honor memorial in Westport, CT. It cost us $13 for the picture. The girl at the gate was unyielding about letting us get a picture.

The beginning of summer NE

Since it is on the way home MeAsWe wants to visit her cousin, because his Mom died while we were on the trip. Heading into Willimantic, the GPS beeps to tell us we are approaching a U S or A town.

A quick visit

The last stretch into the barn. Takes a while to get past the sign.

Finally hit home and log the final mileage. I calculated the trip to be right around 5,300 miles, the actual came right in on 5,195.

Even thou tomorrow is a day off and time to decompress, I know it is going to take awhile to download all the files from the Acer to the desktop. I crank it up and go and lie down to watch TV.

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